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TWO MONTHS AGO: 'The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been'

TODAY: ‘The World Is Exploding All Over’

Obama On Congressional Criticism Of His Syria Policy: "Horse$#!+"

Apples scatter the road to Damascus

Tampons Should Be Free, Because You're A Sexist

And you're a sexist because you're sexist, you sexist

Robin Williams Made It Okay To Be Weird

Better than okay

Bernie Sanders 2016? Bernie Sanders 2016!

Bernie Sanders of Vermont tied for first as well. Lately, he's appeared on the news for his trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and he's also been known to ramble. Last year, he launched a filibuster against Obama's tax deal.
How much worse could he be?

Avoiding High-Crime Areas Is Racist, Says Valleywag Racist


Racists are racists because racism, racist

If Benghazi Was No Big Deal, Why Is The White House Worried About Another One?

A protester reacts as the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flames

So, does this headline mean ISIS was inspired by a YouTube video?

It's Okay To Bomb Iraq, As Long As You're Reluctant

President Barack Obama
And a Democrat

Minnesota Restaurant Adds 'Minimum Wage Fee,' Angers Idiots

minimum wage fee
'We believe that the industry is overreacting'

Did You Forget To Thank Obama For Being Born?


Ann Coulter Is Wrong About Kent Brantly

Ann Coulter

We shouldn’t help other people because we might get hurt?

Sore Winner Justin Amash: My Opponent's Campaign Was Despicable

Tell us how you really feel, bro