Brian Williams Has A New Show, If You Can Believe That

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Brian Williams

Sounds legit

ISIS Wants To Make Soccer Interesting

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If that's even possible

NYT's Nick Kristof: When You Think About It, The Holocaust Was America's Fault

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Anne Frank (Photo: Getty)

Which should please the alt-right

Here's Why It's A Good Idea For Trump To Go To Mexico

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Rush Limbaugh Confirms That Nothing Trump (Or Clinton) Says Matters Anymore

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Rush Limbaugh on "Fox News Sunday," 3/6/16 (Screen shot Fox)

Or anything anybody says, ever

How Did The NY Post Get Anthony Weiner's Texts And Pics?

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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 23:  Anthony Weiner, a leading candidate for New York City mayor, stands with his wife Huma Abedin during a press conference on July 23, 2013 in New York City. Weiner addressed news of new allegations that he engaged in lewd online conversations with a woman after he resigned from Congress for similar previous incidents.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

And why don't we know?

Caption This: Hillary Gets A DM From Anthony Weiner

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Huma And Anthony Are Separating

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Huma Abedin


Nobody Saw That Movie About Barack & Michelle's First Date

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(Photo: YouTube screengrab)

Southside With Crickets

Welcome Back, Anthony Weiner's Penis

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Anthony Weiner

It's been too long, in a manner of speaking

See You In A Couple Of Weeks

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Blago Blocked From Bugging Out of Big House

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Rod Blagojevich public domain United States Marshals Service


I Believe Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Reuters/Joshua Roberts

And so does he

Hillary Clinton Scores Crucial Endorsement: Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen's Dad

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton takes a selfie with supporters during a campaign rally in Kissimmee, Florida


'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed Wants More Attention, So Here It Is

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A homemade clock made by Ahmed Mohamed is seen in an undated picture released by the Irving Texas Police Department


Paul Ryan Edging Out Primary Challenger By A Mere 66 Points

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U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) holds a weekly news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 7, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst


Listen To Hillary Clinton Talk About Her 'Crew' Of African-American Friends

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Hillary Clinton

Word up, girlfriend

Relax, Trump Didn't Really Blab About His Classified Security Briefings

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida


College Students Wear 'Three Blind Mice' Halloween Costumes, Bias Incident Team Leaps Into Action

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Justice is bl-- er, differently sighted

Now You Can Feed On The Blood Of The Young

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Like Dracula, or Hillary Clinton