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It's official! Melissa Harris-Perry is sorry


She was really trying to “celebrate” Romney’s infant grandchild by making racist jokes

Maryland transportation plan could cost drivers more at the pump - TheDCNF


‘This bill puts the gas tax on autopilot, and it locks us out of the cockpit’

End of the Fight Club?

End of Fight Club Dems?

Politicians give their take on the Super Bowl: Rangel says, 'Miami needs the money' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Barney Frank, a Patriots fan, turned down an opportunity to be interviewed about the Super Bowl because he does not like to ‘mix’ politics and sports

Pentagon memo fishing for counterterrorism training standards leaned heavily on WIRED reporter's assertions - TheDC

Mideast Yemen Cleric Killed

Left-leaning JournoList veteran’s ‘Islamophobic’ warnings drive Pentagon policy

Was J-list in the service of J-Street?

Even in Israel, the Daily Caller’s “Journolist” exposé has received its share of attention

The Men of Journolist - Who let the dogs out?

Somebody needs to say it. Journolist is the ugliest group of life forms this side of a National Geographic special. When do these orcs march on Helm’s Deep?

Political operatives worked to shape news coverage - TheDC

Political operatives on Journolist discuss laying the ‘analytical framework within the media elite’ in order to shape news coverage

Raw Journolist emails: Do Tea Party members 'parallel' Nazis? - TheDC

Bloomberg reporter Ryan Donmoyer wanted readers to know the context in which he wondered whether tea party members “parallel” Nazis

Brent Bozell's open letter to the Washington Post over Journolist - Media Research Center

The head of the Media Research Council pens a note expressing concern over the scandal rocking the journalism world to editor Marcus Brauchli

Weigel returns to Washington Post company - Yahoo News

The blogger will write for Slate on a beat that will include but not be limited to the conservative movement

Palin's media problem

By her own admission, Palin let the press play a key role in her decision to pull the plug on her governorship, sparking new questions over her toughness and ability to handle the pressures that come along with elective office

Heroes of Journolist: Froomkin, Surowiecki, Toobin, Tomasky, Klein - TheDC

While some members of Journolist suggested smearing conservatives, others actually stood for journalistic integrity

Memo to Journolist: FBI docs show alliance between Obama's associates, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayers

Declassified FBI Documents show an ideological alliance with Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Movement and Bill Ayers’ Weatherman

OPINION: The unasked question of Journolist - TheDC

Most journalist and editors are liberal, and when hiring new journalists they hire other liberals. They do not hire conservatives. This has been going on for at least 50 years

The Journolist scandal, America, the media, and the assumption of objectivity

Left-wing bias in the media is nothing new. Regardless, journalists and the free press have been regarded as the peaceful guardians of America’s liberal democratic republic