Imprisoned British Activist Fears Muslims Will Kill Him For His Immigration Stance

World | Kyle Perisic
'I've always said I’d sacrifice my life tomorrow if it would end the Islamic takeover of our beautiful land'

Alfie Evans' Father Breaks Silence With Heartbreaking Tribute To His Son

World | Grace Carr
'We will be speaking out further'

The New 'Military Diet' Celebrities Are On Sounds Absolutely Wild

Entertainment | Jena Greene
Could you do it?

Cable News Compares Detention Centers To Holocaust, Internment Camps and Slavery 22 Times

Politics | Mike Brest
'Donald Trump increasingly looks like Hitler'

Tucker Exposes 'Ruling Class' Behind Immigration Uproar: Their Goal Is To Change Your Country Forever'

Media | Scott Morefield
'Did anyone vote for that? Who's going to pay for that?'

Wikipedia Adds American 'Detention Centers' To List Of Concentration Camps

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'To compare them downplays the horrors of the others' like those who suffered during The Holocaust

Medieval Christian Inscription Suggests King Arthur Might Actually Have Existed

World | Joshua Gill
'The right conditions for an Arthurian figure'

Over 200 Protesters Swarm ICE Office In Portland

Politics | Vandana Rambaran
'We believe this is an immoral act from this administration'

Sierra Club: 'Climate Deniers' Are Racists

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Concern for coal miners has 'a racial undertone'

Virginia School Trashes Confederate General Name For Barack Obama

Education | Rob Shimshock
Obama won over six other nominees

'Change Is Coming': Harvard Deems White Men Insufficient To Represent School's Past

Education | Dominic Mancini
'I am not represented here'

TRADE WAR -- Markets Tank On Trump's $200 Billion Chinese Tariffs"

Politics | Robert Donachie
Down, down and down

CNN's Ana Navarro Thinks The Crying Of Children Should Dictate Immigration Policy In America

Politics | Nick Givas
'Just too much heartbreak'

NHL Team Trades Star Player After His Girlfriend Is Accused Of Cyberbullying

Sports | David Hookstead
What is going on?

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Slams DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen For Defending Immigration Policy

Politics | Nick Givas
'It’s inhumane'

Kim Kardashian's Hair Draws Outrage At The MTV Awards

Entertainment | Jena Greene
What else is new...

MSNBC Anchor Breaks Down Into Tears On Live Television Over Family Separations At The Border

Media | Amber Athey

Man Tried To Burn Flag In Pride Parade. Then Complains Because He Can't Sleep With Women In Prison

US | Grace Carr
'Dehumanizing and invalidating as a woman'

The Dallas Cowboys Are In Legal Trouble. The Case Involves A Former Cheerleader

Sports | David Hookstead
This doesn't sound good

Proof Of Citizenship Not Required: Judge Strikes Down Kobach-Backed Voter ID Law

Politics | Kevin Daley
This ruling is scathing

Superstar Rapper Almost Predicted His Own Death In Chilling Instagram Video

Entertainment | Jena Greene
'Worst thing comes to worst, I f**king die a tragic death'

There Are Good Reasons Trump Is Separating Illegal Immigrant Families

Editorial | Dave Brooks
A perverse incentive for parents to drag their children along a treacherous path

OPINION: IT'S HAPPENING: The Obama-Holder Progressive Left Counter-Offensive

Opinion | Bill McCollum
Democrats are about to drop hundreds of millions of dollars in key battleground states

Leftists Are Using Illegal Immigrant Kids As Political Pawns

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
There is no Trump policy of separating families at the border. 

Illegal Charged With Killing Two Women, Dumping Bodies On Street

US | Julia Cohen
'She is a daughter, a niece, and a mother whom was loved'

David Hogg Leads Another Boycott Against Laura Ingraham's Advertisers

US | Henry Rodgers
'We meet again'

Drill Through Masonry, Concrete, Rock And Stone With This Deal On Bits

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Under $9 with this code

Nancy Pelosi Calls On Secretary Nielsen To Resign Amid Migrant Crisis

Politics | Julia Cohen
She 'must'

Twitter Lets Samuel L. Jackson Off The Hook For Homophobic Anti-Trump Tweet

Politics | Mike Brest

China Says Trump Has Started A Trade War, Warns It Will Fight Back

World | Ryan Pickrell
'We will firmly defend our legitimate rights and interests'

Being Transgender Is No Longer A Mental Health Disorder, World Health Organization Rules

World | Andrew Kerr
'This wasn't actually a mental health condition'

These String Lights Will Brighten Up Any Summer Occasion

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
And they are on sale with this code

Donald Trump Jr. Reportedly Was A Very Entertaining Sports Fan In College

Sports | David Hookstead

Democrats May Not Be Riding A Blue Wave This Fall: Goldman Sachs Analysis

Politics | Dominic Mancini
GOP jumps in generic ballot

EXCLUSIVE: Moms Of Children Killed By Illegal Aliens Slam Media For Hypocritical Coverage Of Border Separations

Politics | Justin Caruso
'Total disregard for American families'

ICE Director Goes After Insulting Comparison Of Border Patrol To Nazi Germany

Media | Julia Nista
'It's an insult to the brave men an women of border patrol and ICE'

Nielsen Believes America Is 'A Country Of Compassion,' Trevor Noah Thinks 'That's Some Bulls**t'

Media | Julia Nista
Strong words

'Black Panther' Star Takes Swipe At Roseanne Barr During MTV Movie Awards

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'I’m shocked that I won....'

Gillibrand: Trump's Separation Policy Is "Evil,' The 'Devil's Schemes'

Politics | Robert Donachie
'It is an evil, dark thing'

American Satisfaction With Direction Of The Country Reaches 12-Year High - With One Exception

US | Benny Johnson
'A growing comfort with Donald Trump as president'


Reporter VS. Congressman: Axe Throwing

'...an axe-throwing competition.'

Artist Purposely Got Buried Alive For Bizarre Art Exhibit


FLASHBACK: Los Federales Took This American Woman's Kids Away For Letting Them Walk Home Alone

'Free-range parenting'

Dem Sen Says White House Officials Have 'Sold Their Souls,' Wants Their Resignations

'That’s a lie'

Border Patrol Agent Dropkicks CNN Host Over Separating Families At The Border

'You're wrong'

Border Ranchers SHOCK MSNBC - Their Stories Completely Contradict Biased Narratives

'Exposing their children to the dangers of smuggling'

Democratic Congressional Candidate Campaigns On Abolishing ICE

'Protect our borders without being cruel to kids'

Judge Napolitano Says FBI Director Christopher Wray Has Made It Clear He Will Not Share Docs With Congress

'Never seen anything like it'

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Slams DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen For Defending Immigration Policy

'It’s inhumane'

CNN's John Berman Accuses Trump Administration Of Lying After Referencing The Bible

'Not true, and not honest. It's a lie'

CNN's Ana Navarro Thinks The Crying Of Children Should Dictate Immigration Policy In America

'Just too much heartbreak'

Jeff Sessions Drops The Truth About Illegal Immigrants Coming Over The Border

'A real exaggeration'

Tucker Exposes 'Ruling Class' Behind Immigration Uproar: Their Goal Is To Change Your Country Forever'

'Did anyone vote for that? Who's going to pay for that?'

Stuart Varney Accuses Mainstream Media Of Ignoring Booming Economy To Spite GOP

'They are determined not to give him one ounce of success'

Grassley Blasts Comey For Skipping Yet Another Senate Hearing

'He has time for book tours and television interviews'

'I Want To Be Clear' -- Kirstjen Nielsen Goes Nuclear After CNN Reporter Accuses DHS Of 'Child Abuse'

'That would be my answer'

Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders If Trump Is Using Children As Pawns -- She Drops A Wall

'Quit ignoring it'

Hillary Lectures Trump On Immigration Because She 'Studied The Bible,' Went To 'Sunday School'

'Let the children suffer'

Illegal Immigrant Admits She Wouldn't Have Come To U.S. If She Thought Her Kid Would Be Taken Away

'I wouldn't have come'

DHS Secretary Asked If She Is Using Children As 'Pawns' -- Torches Reporter In Response


Chaffetz, Kennedy Get Into Fiery Debate Over Immigration

'You are so naive'

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Says IG Report Vindicates Trump's Decision To Fire Comey

'All those are a good reason to fire James Comey'

Ex-CIA Chief Defends Decision To Tweet Picture Of Concentration Camp To Prove Point On Immigration

'I apologize to anyone who may have felt offended'

WATCH: Former Bush Ethics Lawyer Turned Democratic Senate Candidate Shows Actual Dumpster Fire In New Campaign Ad

It's lit

FBI Director: Anti-Trump Texts Could Hurt 'Viability' Of Russia Probe

Wray asked about agent's 'We'll stop it' text

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