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Shooting With Corrective Lenses: Bad Eyesight And Concealed Carry


Do you see the sights or see the target?

Gun Test: Glock 42


Conceal carry Glock in .380

Massad Ayoob: Downsizing Defense

mass handgun recoil

Three advantages to choosing this least powerful of accepted “service calibers.”

The Active Shooter, Killer And Our Response


“The civilian responder is exposed to even greater risk than law enforcement.”

911 Call Sent To Voicemail During Violent Home Invasion


Call 911 and get a message instructing you to call 911

Would-Be Robber Loses Threatening 'Wager' With Armed Citizen

High-Velocity-Ammunition and gun

‘Betcha’ ain’t got one of these’

Store Owner Gets Burglar's Attention With .22 Semi-Automatic


‘Something has got to happen’

Is Everyday Carry (EDC) Really Necessary?


What would you have done when you saw a guy take out a rifle?

Concealed Carrier Shoots Cop Killer In Georgia


Cops brother was carrying a concealed weapon and on the scene

Should CCW Holders Intervene Against Active Shooters?

Rybolt, carrying a .45 Colt pistol, listens at a rally marking one-year anniversary of Aurora theater shootings, in Aurora

‘CCW holder who died trying to stop the two lunatic cop killers in Las Vegas is a hero’

Feminists Ignore The Practical Solution To Violence: Self Defense

(Photo: Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

‘Since when does empowering women involve stripping them of practically every means possible to protect themselves’

Gun Review: DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol

Doubletap handgun

The CQB pocket wonder

Gun Test: Remington R1 Carry Commander


Big Green’s contribution to the world of 1911′s

Ruger’s Concealed-Carry LCRx .38 Special +P Handgun


The exposed hammer give you DA/SA option in a light carry package

Know What The Police Know: Force Option Often Overlooked

light for defense

Use this technique to dominate attackers

Massad Ayoob: A Look at the SIG P320


Striker fired Sig designed to compete against Glock and S&W M&P

Personal Protection: Developing A Divergent Mindset


Police officer Sara Ahrens gives advice that will keep you alive

The Fundamentals of Gunfighting


Take 5 minutes to read this and learn from a pro

Ladies Only: 3 Deep-Cover Concealment Options

Woman carry garter holster

Gentlemen in kilts can use the thigh band effectively