Child's Father Gunned Down In Line Of Duty -- Arrives At School To Find Heart-Warming Surprise

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Pretty hard to top this greeting

Here's Why A Kent State Grad Was Able To Open Carry An AR-15 On Campus

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A policeman holds a HKG36 assault rifle as he secures the position in front of the city hall after two assailants had taken five people hostage in the church at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen in Normandy, France, July 26, 2016. Two attackers killed a priest with a blade and seriously wounded another hostage in a church in northern France on Tuesday before being shot dead by French police. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

‘Joined the ranks of our proud graduates’

A 10th State Bans 'Free Speech Zones' At Public Universities

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Here is an image of a censored free speech image. (Photo: Shutterstock Image) | Georgia Bans Free Speech Zones

‘Universities may not censor protected speech’

Here’s Why A University Reversed Its Ban On Christian References In Graduation Speech

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Jesus crucifix sculpture behind the basilica at the village of Sint Odilienberg, Limburg, The Netherlands. (Shutterstock/Roger Dupuits)

‘Tired of dealing with this and has no more energy to spend towards it’

Yale Has 14 Times More Emotional Support Animals Than It Did In 2017

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Yale students can live with emotional support animals on campus. (Shutterstock/Melissa Harry)

‘We were mandated to create the program’

Feds Probe Yale For Allegedly Excluding Men From Programs And Scholarships

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Woman slapping man in the face (Shutterstock/Master1305) | Feds Probe Yale For Excluding Men

‘Practice discrimination’

Special Ed Advocate: Over 80 Percent Of Special Education Students Shouldn't Be There

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Pictured is an empty classroom with chairs and desks. (Shutterstock/hxdbzxy) | How Many Students Belong In Special Ed?

‘School systems conceal actual performance through grade inflation’

University’s Hate Crime And 'Bias' Allegations Plummet After 400 Security Cameras Installed

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A Massachusetts university has seen its weekly rate of hate crime and bias reports plummet by 93 percent after the placement of 400 security cameras on campus, according to a Monday report. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Westfield State University)

‘What we have seen, is a greater sentiment of unity’

America's Largest Catholic University Hosts Event To Teach Students About Polyamory

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Three crosses stand on a hill. (Shutterstock/Doidam 10)

‘Can’t [decide] what I want to eat…how am I supposed to commit to one person?’

Progressive Outlet Asks: 'Is Jordan Peterson Enabling Jew Hatred?'

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Jordan Peterson describes a 21st-century conservatism in Carleton Place, Ontario. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Jordan B Peterson)

‘An old anti-Semitic dog whistle’

California High School Insists Student ‘Promoting Violence’ With Pro-Gun Rights Flag

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Pictured is an old Snubnose 45 Pistol with six bullets. (Shutterstock/W. Scott McGill)

‘I don’t get how this is promoting violence, just by supporting the Constitution’

Dartmouth Wants To Fix Gender Gap In Its Donations

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Looking down the Dartmouth Green with trees beginning to show fall colors and a blue sky with puffy white clouds on a nice autumn day the Baker Library and its bell tower is in the background (Shutterstock/Dan Lewis) | Dartmouth Wants To Fix Gender Giving Gap

‘We have a lot of work to do’

State School Initiative Teaches Men How To Sound Like Girls

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Participants march during the Belgian Gay Pride parade in Brussels Belgium on May 20, 2017. (Shutterstock/Alexandros Michailidis)

‘We work toward creating a voice that is representative of their gender/sex’

School District Apologizes After Asking Students Whether Trump Should Be Impeached

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Little boy protects sister from inappropriate content (Shutterstock/Yiorgos GR)

‘Your friend is an illegal’

Cornell Student Delivers Thesis In Bra And Underwear To Combat ‘Oppressive Beliefs’

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Cornell student Letitia Chai strips to present her thesis. (Photo Credit: YouTube/CCTV News)

‘Strip, everybody!’

Student Detained After Police THOUGHT She Had A Gun. Turns Out She Was Just Talking About Them

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Here's a pistol with ammo. (Shutterstock/Aleksey Kuzmenko)

‘I do not believe they genuinely thought I was a threat’

University Of Michigan Sued For 'Un-American' Speech Codes

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Pictured is a scared young woman with tape over her mouth. (Shutterstock/KlaraBstock)

‘They’re a hammer and everything is a nail at that point’

Teen Charged For Smuggling Drugs And Illegals Into US With Help From High Schoolers

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(Photo: Shutterstock)

‘Our youth are being recruited by drug cartels’

Labor Strike Delays Thousands Of Medical Appointments And Procedures In California

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A patients room is pictured at the newly constructed Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center hospital in San Diego, California, U.S., April 17, 2017. REUTERS/Mike Blake

‘The only thing union leaders accomplished today is hurt the care we provide our patients’

Prof Bashes Biggest Police Group As 'America's Largest Fascist Organization'

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FILE PHOTO - A police body camera is seen on an officer during a news conference on the pilot program of body cameras involving 60 NYPD officers dubbed 'Big Brother' at the NYPD police academy in the Queens borough of New York, December 3, 2014. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File Photo

‘Punch the nazi…but don’t make a spectacle out of it’