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Gun Test: Kimber Custom CDP ll

Guns and Gear
KIMBER large

This is not just another 1911

Basic Handgun Draw And Meditation Drill


Home practice drill brings results – video and text instruction

Ares Defense SCR: Legal In All 50 States


Live in a state with oppressive gun laws?

News Site Claims Georgia Residents Can Buy And Carry “Pulse Rifles” Under New Law

Fake Guns

Honest to God this is how profoundly ignorant gun haters think

Beretta USA Announces Decision To Move Its Entire Maryland Manufacturing Capabilities To Tennessee


Maryland gun laws push Beretta out of state

Stories from the Battlefield: Son Of Texas Killed In Gaza

Israeli soldiers carry the flag-draped coffin of their comrade Amotz Greenberg during his funeral in the central town of Hod Hasharon

20,000 attend funeral of “Lone Soldier” to show gratitude

'Not Here': 63 Year-Old Woman Shoots Intruder

‘No they are not going to walk up in here’

Wayne LaPierre: Reclaiming America

NRA shirt / WGRZ screenshot

“We aren’t out of date. We aren’t out of step. We are Americans.”

Ruger LC9: Carries Well, Shoots Well


What are you carrying these days?

Stories from the Battlefield: Yesterday In Israel And Gaza

Israeli soldier holds up his weapon outside the northern Gaza Strip

“We live in a neighborhood where murdering children is considered normal”

Rolling Stone’s Seven Steps To Winning The War Against Five Guns

Rolling Stone Cover

Rolling Stone continues the crusade against guns – because they have such deep subject matter expertise ya know

Bloomberg’s Proxy, Rep. Robin Kelly Of Chicago, Releases Congressional Anti-Gun Manifesto

Jackson Replacements Challenge.JPEG

Includes bans on “colored” guns and cartoons with guns

Gun Test: Smith & Wesson Model 632 in .327 Fed. Mag.

SW632-327 fed

“The tested Model 632 was something of a spitter”

Gear Test: Moultrie TRACE Premise Surveillance Camera


Get off my lawn! Or see who is on it.

Obama Administration Bans Import Of Popular Russian Firearms

Obama speaks after touring the Community College of Allegheny West Hills Center in Oakdale, Pennsylvania

Saiga and Kalashnikov Guns Banned By Executive Order

The Lee-Enfield: The Greatest Bolt-Action Of The Great War


“Best ever” is quite a bold claim and the author backs it up

Gun Test: Kimber Super Carry Pro HD


Weight is the issue with your carry gun

Guess What Detroit's Police Chief Credits For Crime Decline

Latest Detroit Bankruptcy Hearing Reveals New Plans For Creditors

‘There’s no question in my mind it has had an effect’

Shooting Steel-Cased 7.62x39mm In Ruger Mini Thirtys


Does the coating foul the chamber?

Bonded Core Beauties, Not Your Grandad’s Bullets

Ready for duty, .300 Win. Mag. cartridges loaded with Swift’s bonded core Scirocco II bullets. Photo courtesy Massaro Media Group and JNJphotographics.

Rifle, scope or sling don’t matter, only the bullet does

Missouri Law That Would Allow Teachers To Carry Guns Gets Vetoed

A woman training with a handgun. Getty Images.

‘Arming teachers will not make our schools safer’

Bad Ass Nurse Shoots Carjacker, Breaks Up Criminal Ring

Thanks to her concealed carry permit

Governor Vetoes Bill Allowing Schools To Designate Armed Officers

Tax Cut Battle.JPEG

See why Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed potential protection bill

Gun Test: The Para Executive Carry


Single-stack 1911 with a 3-inch barrel and a lightweight aluminum frame

Gun Control Scorecard Deserves Failing Grade

Gun Owners Train For Gun Safety And Home Defense In Connecticut

Gun control states with high murder rates praised by anti-gun group

Biden, Bloomberg Describe Second Amendment Supporters With Vulgarities And Slurs

Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the UN-controlled buffer zone in Nicosia

The Democrats have a long tradition of being foul mouthed to gun owners

Concealed Carry: Old Guys Tricks


It’s like wearing socks with sandles Petition Shoots To Remove Suppressors From National Firearms Act Regulation


Law goes back to 1934

“Why Not One? Why Not Zero?” Gov. Christie Vetoes N.J. Magazine Ban

New Jersey Governor Christie meets students before making an education announcement involving a new after-school dinner program for students in need at Dudley Family School in Camden

“Gun control supporters are, of course, outraged”

Julie Golob: Tips On Going Prone For Handgun Shooting


Stop, drop and fire – not as easy as it sounds

Virginia Citizens Defense League President Responds to Target Store Gun Policy

The sign outside the Target store in Arvada

“Crime can, and does, happen anywhere and at anytime, and that includes in and around Target stores”

Icons And Has-Beens

whitney pistol

Firearms of the Cody Museum

Review: Chris Costa’s Premier Low Light Course

low light training

“Well worth shipping our guns and jumping on a plane”

The Gladiator: Maximus Arms’ Tank-Tough 1911


Two years of research and development went into this beauty

Double-Action vs. Single-Action Revolvers

revolvers sa da

Let’s discuss wheelguns.

Democratic Congressional Candidate Offers $100K For Nude Pics Of Teen Hunter

(Photo: Facebook)

This guy’s running for congress

Don’t Let Recoil Ruin Your Shooting Fun


Tired of hearing you are a wimp for carrying a .380 or hunting with a .243, read on

Stop The Humane Society From Killing Elephants

The right eye of an Asian elephant is pictured at the zoo in Leipzig, Germany, on August 7, 2013. (Photo: Peter Endig/AFP/Getty Images)

“A multimillion dollar lobbying force to end America’s hunting heritage”

Since USA Today Won’t Publish Good Gun News, Author Alan Korwin Publishes Advertorial Of Good Gun News

USA Today Image Korwin

Not one positive article on gun self-defense, until now

Rahm Counters With Legislation On Gun Control, Chicago Style

Chicago Mayor Emanuel speaks at Center for American Progress 10th Anniversary policy forum in Washington

“Special Use” zoning designed to block gun stores for starters

Gun Collecting: The Unique Breda Shotgun

Breda shotgun

The most outstanding shotgun you have probably never heard of

City Of Chicago Ordered To Pay NRA’s Legal Fees – Again

Democratic Convention.JPEG

Rahm’s debt to the NRA is now over $1,500,000 – thanks Chicago

Gun Test: Glock 41


The new G41 Gen4 pistol gets everything out of the .45 ACP cartridge, and then some

Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants: How Might It Affect Gun Ownership?

An entire family emerges from the bushes on the Mexican bank of the Rio Bravo on April 11, 2006 near Ciudad Juarez. Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images.

Giving away citizenship will hurt Second Amendment rights

Gun Test: Ruger SR-762


A true test: Two gun and 1,000 rounds in Ruger’s first MSR

Infographic: Arm Yourself With The Facts On U.S. Gun Ownership

A customer looks over a Glock 29 10mm hand gun at the Guns-R-Us gun shop in Phoenix, Arizona

The USA is not #1 in gun violence

Veteran With Concealed Carry Permit Shoots Back At Chicago Gunman

Vet wards off angry shooter

Revolver Selection, Understanding Your Needs

Big Bore handgun

Carrying in the field for self-defense has different needs

Wheelchair-Bound Man Shoots And Kills Home Invader


Gun comes in handy

Three Reasons To Scope Your Turkey Gun And Three Reasons Not To


You are only shooting 30 yards or so

The Declaration Of Independence

declaration of independence

Read this document and recognize the grievances against an oppressive government

Last-Minute Aoudad


The hunt for a 34-inch aoudad sheep comes down to the wire as the sun sets over West Texas.

Shooting With Corrective Lenses: Bad Eyesight And Concealed Carry


Do you see the sights or see the target?

The Great New Mexico Bear Chase

bear hunting draper

Bruins with a .300 Blackout

Texas Tech Cheerleader Shoots Big Game In Africa

Her Facebook page is WILD

Gun Test: Glock 42


Conceal carry Glock in .380

New Jersey: Magazine Capacity Restriction Vetoed

New Jersey Governor Christie answers a question during the 110th Town Hall Meeting in Middletown Township

Governor Christie Nixes Gun and Magazine Ban Legislation

Georgia: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Law Takes Effect Today

Georgia flag

13 pro-gun reforms!

Virginia: New Pro-Gun/Pro-Hunting Laws Go Into Effect Today


Sunday hunting passed

Kansas: Two Pro-Gun Bills Take Effect Today

kansas flag

Kansas bans the use of taxpayer funds for gun “buyback” programs

Tennessee: Pro-Gun/Pro-Hunting Bills to Take Effect Today

Tennessee_Flag ok

No use of drones by anti-hunting extremists

Maryland: Multiple Pro-Hunting Bills to Take Effect Today

maryland flag ok

Some hunting freedom in the Free State

Mississippi: Important Gun Laws Take Effect Today


Protections against the confiscation of legally-possessed firearms during a state of emergency

Idaho: Concealed Carry Expansion And Youth Hunting Laws Effective Today

idaho flag

Campus carry passes in Idaho

Indiana: Pro-Gun Legislation Takes Effect Today

indiana flag ok

No gun buybacks

Savage Arms 110 BA Rifle


It’s a beast of a long range rifle

DIVA WOW Hosts First ‘How To Select A CHL Holster’ Clinic


‘Forty-six women showed up with guns and ammo’

Shooters Grill Might Be The Most American Restaurant You've Ever Seen


‘We called it Shooters and started throwing guns and Jesus all over the place’

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Beretta


The first James Bond gun was a Beretta

Army Sweeps 55th Interservice Pistol Championships

US Army Pistol

Army continues its winning streak

Media Promotes Bloomberg Propaganda

Signs are pictured in the Sandy Hook area of Newtown, Connecticut

As gun violence goes down gun banning lies go up

To: The Governors of The Fifty States Of The Union, Re: Gun-Free Zones That Aren’t

Gun free zone

A ‘no guns’ sign is not protection from bad guys

David Codrea: Gun-Grabbers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

California Gun Control.JPEG

“You can’t always get what you want.”

Court Finds That Terrorist Watchlist Lacks Constitutional Safeguards

Terrorists. Getty Images.

Veteran? Gun owner? Pro-2A? Terrorist?

Hickenlooper Re-Reverses Himself On Colorado’s Magazine Ban

John Hickenlooper

Behold the flip-flopping political liberal doublespeak

6 Facts About AR-15 Gas Impingement Vs. Piston


One runs cooler, one is more accurate, one costs less and three more good points

Massad Ayoob: Downsizing Defense

mass handgun recoil

Three advantages to choosing this least powerful of accepted “service calibers.”

NSSF Issues Report On Combined Spending By Hunters And Target Shooters

NSSF Hunting image

“866,000 jobs supported by hunting and target shooting”

A Pro-Gun Rights Senate Majority Is Key To Preserving Our Firearm Rights

A lone worker passes by the U.S. Capitol building in Washington

Should the 2nd Amendment apply only while serving in a militia?

This Store Owner Is Glad She Went Home To Get Her Gun


Her assailant took a knife to a gun fight

Wayne LaPierre: Let’s Prove Bloomberg Can’t Buy American Liberty

wayne lapierre horiz

“Bloomberg is one guy with millions of dollars – we are millions of people who believe in freedom”

Girls With Guns: As More Women Pack Heat, They Need A Way To Carry

It’s another excuse to go shopping

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown: World’s Best Survival Gun?

ruger 10-22 takedown

Can a .22 rimfire be the top gun for survival? Anyone have .22 ammo btw?

Gun Test: Springfield’s SOCOM 16

Socom 16

“It’s darn near as handy as a traditional lever-action carbine and will reach farther and shoot faster”

Julie Golob: 5 Tips For Transitioning To Heavier Triggers


Advice from the shooter that obliterates the X ring

Web Of Deceit? School District’s Internet Filter Chooses Sides In Gun “Debate”


The Second Amendment is now hate speech in school

Harry Reid May Call For Vote On Gun Control Legislation: Says, “We Need Some More Votes”

Harry Reid

Reid’s intention is to shame Republicans and pander to gun-banners

The Active Shooter, Killer And Our Response


“The civilian responder is exposed to even greater risk than law enforcement.”

4 Ways To Know Where You Can Go – On Orienteering And GPS Hunting Maps


Don’t get caught trespassing, even by accident

Former MAIG Boss: Gun Control Wouldn’t Stop Mass Murderers

Police tape, US crime

But they still want gun control anyway

911 Call Sent To Voicemail During Violent Home Invasion


Call 911 and get a message instructing you to call 911

Would-Be Robber Loses Threatening 'Wager' With Armed Citizen

High-Velocity-Ammunition and gun

‘Betcha’ ain’t got one of these’

Man With Knife Approaches Father And Daughter --- Father Pulls Gun


‘I believe in carrying weapons’

An Open Letter To The President Of The United States, Re: Increasingly Common Public Slaughter

U.S. President Obama pauses before talking about Fort Hood shooting in Texas, while he hosts ceremony welcoming United State's Olympic and Payalympic teams in Washington

“Work with the firearms community — not against it. We’re your constituency too.”

The Medal Of Honor Citation For William Kyle Carpenter, USMC


Please take a moment to read the citation of a hero

Back Door Gun Control: Hunting On Public Lands At Risk

NSSF Loss of hunting land

Humane Society files petition to stop hunting with lead ammo on public land

Colorado: Hickenlooper Is Too Little, Too Late

John Hickenlooper

Now he is sorry and wants to be forgiven for his gun control ways

Eight Things Nobody Told You About Hunting


Too many folks just don’t go into the woods anymore

Mastery Of Metals: Federal HST And Guard Dog Loads

Federal HST

Thorough review of two distinct Federal loads for personal and home defense

Hillary Talks Guns In CNN Town Hall, Says Minority 'Terrorizes' Majority

‘We’re going to have to do a better job’

Store Owner Gets Burglar's Attention With .22 Semi-Automatic


‘Something has got to happen’

Everytown’s List of “School Shootings” Employs Misleading Terms for Emotional Effect

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

62% involved perpetrators who were not associated with the schools

Heckler & Koch Unveils The Striker-Fired VP9


Four years in the making this HK makes a big entry, watch the video

Major General Curry: The Department of Veterans Affairs Is Broken And Screaming To Be Fixed

VA Flag

Criminal charges should be filed for cooking the books

Anti-Gun Activist: Ban All Detachable-Magazine Semi-Automatics

AR-15 type rifle magazines, 10-round, 20-round and 30-round, displayed at Chris' Indoor Shooting Range in Guilford

This ban has a lot of money behind it. The ‘commonsense’ approach ya know.

Is Everyday Carry (EDC) Really Necessary?


What would you have done when you saw a guy take out a rifle?

The Bongo Hunt: Cameroon, No Place for Amatuers

Bongo hunt shooting channel

Hot, humid, insect infested conditions in a jungle is a test of will

Obama (Again) Touts Australian Gun Control, Misleads (Again) On Background Checks

...whereas Obama cheeses like a goon

Personal protection rights lost – you must submit to criminals

NSSF Statement On U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Study On Traditional Ammunition And Bald Eagles

Bald eagle returns to nest after catching fish at Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in Maryland

Gun banners go after lead once again

First Grader Suspended For Voluntarily Surrendering Toy-Gun


Little boy with a toy gun! Quick, ruin his life!

Concealed Carrier Shoots Cop Killer In Georgia


Cops brother was carrying a concealed weapon and on the scene

America’s Twin Biathletes

Twin Biathletes

No ice dancing for these gals, they shoot and shoot well

How To Shoot A Weapon Using Google Glass

‘Ok Glass, fire at will’

7 Things Dad Probably Doesn’t Want For Father’s Day


And the better alternative

Americans So Well Armed They're Not Buying Guns

NRA Gun Politics

‘The surge was so strong that everybody was selling everything off the shelves’

Gun Test: Stag 3T M

Stag Arms

Nice custom touches and reasonable price on this Stag

Should CCW Holders Intervene Against Active Shooters?

Rybolt, carrying a .45 Colt pistol, listens at a rally marking one-year anniversary of Aurora theater shootings, in Aurora

‘CCW holder who died trying to stop the two lunatic cop killers in Las Vegas is a hero’

5 Things You Need To Know About Personal-Defense Ammunition


A basic ammo primer for you new shooters

Conn. Governor Malloy And His Gun Politics


Connecticut Gov trashes gun industry, refuses to meet with gun industry, in a state where gun industry thrives

Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield -- Until Her Father Guns Them Down


Don’t mess with a man’s daughter

Feminists Ignore The Practical Solution To Violence: Self Defense

(Photo: Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

‘Since when does empowering women involve stripping them of practically every means possible to protect themselves’

Glocks And Little Green Army Men


What goes into the construction of a polymer handgun frame?

Tips, Tricks And Gear For International Travel — How To Protect Your Hunting Rifle


Get your gun through TSA and to the destination

NRA Did Not Cave On Open Carry

Open Carry

Same political goal, different political tactics

The Remington No. 1 Rolling Block

remington rolling block

Simple, rugged and made in the millions

5 Items For Camping With Your Children


Leave the video games at home

Remington’s Radical XP-100


Quirky gun of steel and plastic, let’s look at all 9 models

Handgun Hunting 101: The Mechanics

handgun hunting max article

If you are a handgun fan this is your article

Gun Review: DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol

Doubletap handgun

The CQB pocket wonder

8 Things You Might Not Know About The Ruger Mini-14


Is it really a small M-14? .223, 7.62×39 and what other cartridge?

Massad Ayoob: Are Long-Barreled Handguns More Accurate?

glock accuracy

The accuracy factor you didn’t expect

Gun Test: UTAS USA UTS-15


A 28-inch-long, 15-round shotgun that is perfect for home-defense or a tactical turkey gun

A Kinder, Gentler Brutal Beast

desert eagle deagle

Break that Deagle (read on to see what this means)

Safe Shopping


How to buy a gun safe

Gun Test: Remington R1 Carry Commander


Big Green’s contribution to the world of 1911′s

Smart Guns: Betting Your Life On Your iPhone?

smart gun one use image

“If you think a manual safety is hard to figure out under duress, try a fingerprint reader.”

.410 Slugs For Deer Hunting?

balistic gel

Why or why not? More muzzle energy than suitable handguns.

Ruger’s Concealed-Carry LCRx .38 Special +P Handgun


The exposed hammer give you DA/SA option in a light carry package

Know What The Police Know: Force Option Often Overlooked

light for defense

Use this technique to dominate attackers