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The Real Role Of The Humane Society Of The United States

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear
Pets Dog Rehab.JPEG

Do they really help puppies and kittens?

New Guns And Gear – The Big 2016 SHOT Show Review

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Guns and Gear

New Guns And Gear For 2016 Straight From The Greatest Show On Earth

Has Society Reached The Point Of No Return?

Gun Laws & Legislation | Deputy Matt

Violent criminal shot by police. Now see what San Francisco did to HONOR him.

Recent Crashes, Problems, Highlight Why Defense Budget Matters

Gun Laws & Legislation | Harold Hutchison
CH-53 Helicopter

12 Marines died in training

Friends Don’t Let Friends Carry Mouse Guns

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Guns and Gear
This mouse is tiny and adorable and will also climb into your cereal and eat it and then maybe bite you and give you rabies! Don't play with these frequent house guests.

Think your .22, .32 ACP & .380 are fight stoppers? Is your answer they are better than nothing? Conceal carry is easy with a mouse gun?

Gun Test: LWRCI IC-DI And Razorback Rifles

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | American Rifleman

Two Rifles Tested, Two Cartridges Tested: .223 and 6.8mm SPC

KORWIN: Gun Myth Debunked – Armed Citizens Will Cause ‘Blood In The Streets’

Gun Laws & Legislation | Alan Korwin
Illinois Concealed Carry Appeal

One By One We Destroy The Lies Anti-Gunners Propagate

Thanks To Dem Lawmakers, California Sees Significant Rise In Violent Crime

Gun Laws & Legislation | Deputy Matt
Crime Police Tape, Alan Cleaver, Flickr, Creative Commons,

Told you so!

Open Carry And Constitutional Rights

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Guns and Gear

The 2nd & 4th Amendments, Stop-And-Frisk, What A Lawyer Can Tell You About Open Carry

Gun Test: Taurus PT-111 Millennium G2

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Shooting Illustrated

This Taurus is reliable and has a street price of about $250 – nice entry level concealed carry gun

Feds Stop Processing NICS Denial Appeals

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
U.S. Attorney General Lynch looks toward U.S. President Obama during a meeting with other top law enforcement officials to discuss what executive actions he can take to curb gun violence, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

Obama Administration Enacts More Gun Control By Misusing FBI Background Check System

If You Love Guns You Need To Watch These YouTube Channels

Guns and Gear | David Hookstead

They are awesome for gun fans

These Athletes Are Gun-Loving Americans

Guns and Gear | David Hookstead

They have guns for many different reasons

Step Up To An Air Rifle: Part I

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear

The sport of air rifle can take you to a college scholarship or the Olympics

Step Up To An Air Rifle: Part II

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear

Which rifle? Which sport?

Defending Our Homeland: Foundations And First Steps For Training, Fighting, Medical Ops For You And Your Tribe

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Guns and Gear
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Ninth Installment of a 10 Part Series: Let’s take what we have learned and build an invincible team

Gun Test: TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | American Rifleman

Ready for this? This rifle is a 10mm with a blowback action and convertable to 9 mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W and .45 ACP

Idaho Hunter Kills Mountain Lion With Teeth In Forehead

Ammo & Gear Reviews | American Hunter

There seems to be another jaw growing out the back of his head, take a look

The Revenant, Hugh Glass And His Rifle

Ammo & Gear Reviews | American Rifleman
Leonardo DiCaprio In 'Revenant'

The Senior Curator of the NRA Museums breaks down the film’s firearm accuracy

These Politicians LOVE Guns And The Second Amendment

Guns and Gear | David Hookstead

They certainly don’t support gun control.