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Massad Ayoob: The Dangerous Myth Of Hierarchy Of Lethality

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Media likes to think only having a knife or bat is somehow less than lethal

Oh My Cod! Fishing In Iceland

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“Pull in 3 cod, 1 herring and a mackerel in the span of a half hour”

NICS Background Checks: Second Highest September

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Gun sales still booming

Gun Test: The Heizer PS1 Pocket Shotgun

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A fistful of dynamite

Crime Prevention Research Center Assail Everytown And FBI Shootings Reports

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Michael Bloomberg. Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

John Lott’s team takes on the myths of mass public shootings

How To Build A Survival Arsenal

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With the way things are going this is a very good idea

The Fundamental Rules Of Engagement Vs. How We Fight Now

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Smoke rises from the Syrian town of Kobani after a war plane carried out an air strike, seen from near the Mursitpinar border crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in Suruc

We would have never won WWII this way

The Middle East’s Big, Really Big, Battlefield

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isis reuters

“The worst imperialism of human history must end”

Ayoob: Kimber For The Defense

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Two pocket Kimbers tested here – .380 and 9mm

The Race Card, The Facts And The Shooting Of The 18 Year Old Black Male In St. Louis

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Initially claimed victim carried a sandwich, not a gun, until a 9mm was found

Americans Say ‘Gun Violence’ Is Criminal Justice, Not Public Health Issue, National Poll Finds

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CDC instructor Satish Pillai gives guidance to Reed, chief medical officer for U.S. Public Health Service, and Marshall, chairman of pediatrics at University of Liberia's A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine, during a CDC safety training course in Anniston, Alabama

Ebola, Avian and H3N2 Flu, Measles, Scabies, HIV/AIDS and Center for Disease Control is worried about guns? This is just wrong.

Gun Test: EAA SAR B6P Compact

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A CZ 75 clone with a polymer frame – and it won’t cost you much

Gun Test: Traditions Vortek Strikerfire

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245 grain slugs grouping into an inch with this muzzleloader

The Making Of Daniel Defense

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Daniel Defense’s AR modifications have evolved into a catalog of premium rifles

New York Times Fails In Reading Comprehension

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Gun Control Pushback

They misinterpret an FBI study and then decide a gun ban is needed

Casting Call: Ruger’s Investment Casting Process

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An ancient technique for a modern rifle

Mark Kelly Lies About Gun Sales Before I-594 Vote

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Sea Lion Attack Mark Kelly.JPEG

The bogus figure he uses is from last century and completely inaccurate

Fed Up With “Hide and Hope” – A Teacher Takes A Tactical Medicine Course

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Teacher takes the initiative on how to fight back and rescue her students

Jennifer Miller Wins Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest

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Here are the submissions from the top three finishers

Gun Test: CVA Hunter In .44 Magnum

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When CVA upgraded its Scout model, it left a niche for a no-frills, value-priced, entry-level rifle.