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Spetsnaz-Eye View Of The AK

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | Guns and Gear

Soviet Army Spetsnaz Marco Vorobiev knows the AK better than anyone – Here is what he has to say

Gun Test: S&W’s New Performance Center Ported M&P Shield

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Guns and Gear

Smith & Wesson has made 1,000,000 Shields over the past few years – These handguns are among the best CCW guns around

Ninth Circuit Rules In Favor Of California Gun Store

Guns and Gear | Kerry Picket
guns flag and Constitution YouTube screenshot/CleanTVcom

‘The Court appropriately reminded the County that civil rights can’t be outlawed through piles of regulation’

How to Perfectly Mount A Riflescope

Ammo & Gear Reviews | American Hunter

No sense in spending a lot of money on an optic if you don’t mount it correctly

Five Military Weapons We Should Have Kept

Guns and Gear | Harold Hutchison
A US F-14 fighter takes off from the main deck of the USS Enterprise early Oct. 9, 2001, as a second wave U.S.-led air attacks on Afghanistan was launched with residents of Kabul reporting bombs hitting targets on the outskirts of the city. (RABIH MOGHRABI/AFP/Getty Images)

Our military is shrinking and we could really use these capable fighting machines right now

Here's Rachel Maddow Talking About How Much She Loves Guns... Seriously

Guns and Gear | Christian Datoc

‘I love shooting’

Guns & Politics: Hillary Clinton Is No Sybil Ludington

Gun Laws & Legislation | Susan Smith

Sybil Ludington provides a much better example of what an American woman is all about

CCW Weekend: How Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is Not The Same As Driver’s License Reciprocity

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Illinois Concealed Carry Appeal

Should concealed carry be s state or federal issue? Let’s take a lesson from driver’s licenses

Report Suggests That Doctors Are A Leading Cause Of Death

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A doctor clutches a stethoscope. (Adam Berry / Getty Images News)

And your doctor can’t stop a home invasion either

Gun Test: Cabot Guns S103 Commander

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Shooting Illustrated

When precision is the foremost goal this 1911 by Cabot Guns is the pistol that is built

Glock Reminds You How Not To Die On Friday The 13th

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Glock (Credit: Shutterstock)

This is great advice

Gun Test: Ruger Precision Rifle

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | American Rifleman

Chambered for .243, .308 and 6.5 mm Creedmoor (tested) this rifle is capable of exceptional accuracy with a reasonable price

Virginia Gun Store Wins Battle At Zoning Board Hearing

Gun Laws & Legislation | Kerry Picket
Guns presented by vendors at Shot Show 2016

‘For us this is not about a Second Amendment right’

Rein Fido In

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Turnbull walks a dog in the field behind the Bold Centre in Lac La Biche

Wildlife and your dog can bring deadly consequences

A Lifetime Spent With Handguns

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50 Years Of Good Guns, Bad Guns And Strange Guns

The Best Bullets For Self-Defense

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Guns and Gear

A bullet has one job to do when it hits the target

Smart Gun Buying

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With low interest rates buying guns may be a better investment option – Plus they are more fun than a mutual fund

Industry News: Remington To Close Mayfield, Ky., Plant

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remington core lokt ammo box

200 employees affected – Big Green moving to Huntsville, AL

Webinar: Pulse O2DA Firearms Training Free 10 Week Seminar Series

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DC_LogoBlock_Pulse (1)

Registration link inside from a trusted trainer of ours

April Capped A Record-Setting Year For Gun Purchases

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
Firearms are shown for sale at the AO Sword gun store in El Cajon

25.6 million NICS checks in the past 12 months