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Urban Survival

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From walking down the street to parking lots to hotel evac’s – learn how to stay alive in the urban world

The Ever Popular And Collectable M1 Garand

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You need one of these

The Original Perfect Pocket Gun

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colt 19

The Colt models of 1903 & 1908

4 Off-The-Rack Deer Rifle Combos For 2014

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Get moving, deer season is almost here

Market Trends: Concealed Carry For The Land Of Lincoln

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NRA ILA - 50 State Concealed Carry Guide

Illinois gun dealer fills us in

Harry Reid Trying To Use Constitutional Amendment To Silence NRA, Its Members, And Free Speech

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U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) gestures while speaking to the media following a Senate cloture vote on budget bill on Capitol Hill in Washington

Senate Joint Resolution 19 – write your lawmakers, here is how

Virtual School Practices Real Oppression, Bans Pixilated Firearms

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Pupils of the primary school of The Fift

Begin the ‘guns are bad’ indoctrination early – ban pics of gun by American flag

Harvey Weinstein Renounces Earlier Renunciation Of Violent Films?

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Film-The Butler.JPEG

Chubby money-grubbing hypocrite will make the NRA ‘crash and burn’

Book Review: The Future Of The Gun

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A gun is ‘freedom’s tool’

Four Things You Should Learn Before Hunting

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3 out of 4 just isn’t good enough

Gun Test: Glock 42

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It’s not the smallest .380 – but it is a shooter and USA made

Gun Test: New A-Bolt 3 Composite Stalker

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The AB3 checks in with a fair $599.99 suggested retail

David Codrea: Garden State Gun Criminal

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Taking this mom from her children will be the real crime

Study: “Assault Weapon” And CCW Restrictions Associated With Higher Murder Rates

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Illinois Concealed Carry Appeal

Check this chart out – it says it all on the fallacy of gun control

Emanuel Puts Positive Spin On Chicago’s Violent Crime Problem

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Chicago Mayor Emanuel speaks at Center for American Progress 10th Anniversary policy forum in Washington

Rahm’s city leads the way in murders

Man Shoots Attempted Robber, Exposing 'Dozens' Of Other Robberies

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Chuck Ross

Teenage assailant had been shot during previous robbery attempt

Before We Rode The Rails

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | Shooting Illustrated

AR accessory times were tough before Picatinny rails

Gun Test: Rossi Rio Grande .30-30 Lever-Action

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“Rio Grande has great between-the-hands balance”

Gun Test: Ruger Single Nine & Single-Ten

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“Best-looking, easiest-handling new guns I’ve recently had the chance to use”

NICS Data Suggest Gun Sales Still Strong In 2014

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And concealed carry is on the rise