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Massad Ayoob: 3 Stand Your Ground Myths

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Firearms instructor Mike Magowan works with student Josh Meadows during a concealed weapon permit class at Take Aim Gun Range in Sarasota Florida

Stand Your Ground laws have been falsely portrayed by the mass media and anti-gunners – here is the real scoop

Capitol Cops Can't Stop Leaving Their Guns In Congressional Bathrooms

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
Gun left in the bathroom by a Capitol Police officer

Come for the history, leave with a handgun.

Two Houston Concealed Carriers Fight Off Armed Robbers Within Hours Of Each Other

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A display of 7-round .45 caliber handguns are seen at Coliseum Gun Traders Ltd. in Uniondale, New York

Busy night for justice

10 Organizations That Want To Stop You From Hunting

Gun Laws & Legislation | Barbara Baird

Sportsmen and women are the best conservators of nature, not these people

5 Critical Points Of Low-Light Shooting

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Confrontations in the dark can give you an advantage

Riots And Looting And Burning, Oh My!

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Photo by Paul Avallone, author of Tattoo Zoo

A quick lesson on how to deal with looters

Sniper Bullet That CHANGES DIRECTION MID-FLIGHT Will Have Terrorists Shakin' In Their Boots

Guns and Gear | Christian Datoc

You can run, but you can’t hide

FLASHBACK: Baltimore Police Chief Calls For More Gun Control, NRA Predicts Citizens Will Need Guns In Crisis

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Mike Piccione
(Photo: Getty Images)

Police stand down while rioters burn city

Iran Calls For Genocide And The World Is Silent

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An Iranian flag flutters in front of the United Nations headquarters, during an IAEA board of governors meeting, in Vienna

Where is the world outrage when Iran calls for genocide?

Gun Test: H&K Volkspistole VP9

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“When the hardest Special Operators on the planet need firepower, H&K fills their arms rooms.”

The .45 Colt: History And Surprising Facts About This Iconic Cartridge

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Think you know the .45 Colt? Well then, read on…

Gun Test: Ambush Firearms .300 Blackout

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Don’t recognize the name? This rifle is made by the good people at Daniel Defense.

Nuclear Iran: It’s A Fact, Jack

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Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani gestures to the media during a news conference in Tehran

Who is going to stop them?

Victory For Hunters: U.S. Customs And Border Protection Drops New Regulations

Gun Laws & Legislation | American Hunter
Hunting drones

Government shoots down their new gun transportation requirements!

The Pro Liberty Choice: Dispelling The Myths Of Open Carry

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A gun rights supporter carries his Ruger model SR9 pistol on his hip during a rally in support of the Michigan Open Carry gun law in Romulus

Why Your Safety, Security And Liberty Are Protected When You Open Carry

74-Year-Old Grandmother To Knife-Wielding Attacker: 'Back Off, Or I'll Blow Your Head Off'

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Chuck Ross
Handguns are seen for sale in a display case at Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton

‘His eyes got BIG’

How To Conceal Full-Size Handguns

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Warm weather carry doesn’t mean switching to your mouse gun

Michigan Priest Urges Flock To Start Carrying Guns For Self-Defense

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Chuck Ross
A firearms instructor, holds a handgun that he carries as part of his survival supplies at his home
Holds concealed carry classes at church

More Guns, More Jobs: Firearms Industry Economic Impact Rises 125% Since 2008

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Give credit where it is due; the Democrats helped create these jobs

DeLauro Introduces “AR-15 Upgrade Act of 2015″

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Rosa DeLauro

Turn In Your AR-15 For $2,000 Refundable Tax Credit!