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Duck Commander guns & gear giveaway

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GUNS Magazine is giving away….you guessed it, guns!

Can you hunt turkey with a home-defense gun?


Shotgun loads and patterns will determine the purpose

Cover as a tactical advantage in a gunfight


What to consider before and during the shooting

Third generation active shooter response


What police do when there is an active shooter

How To: Shooting uphill and down


How to compensate for elevation when shooting

Gun Test: Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper


Ruger’s Shopkeeper – nice fit and finish for this single action

Gun Test: Ruger SR-762 in .308/7.62 NATO


Flexing some AR muscle with this Ruger

Britney Starr: 5 Ways to customize your handgun


Bling out your handgun!

Gun Test: Remington R51 [Video]

remington 51

This Remington is the hottest pistol on the market

Polls show most Americans see through the gun control spin


Don’t we already have 14,000 gun laws?

Doug Oliver: The keeper of the 16-gauge flame


Where is the love for the 16? Doug founded the 16 Gauge Society.

Field Test: Benelli’s Ethos


The new Benelli platform is a step forward in both aesthetics and performance

NSSF, SAAMI seek injunction to stop microstamping law

Ammunition Sales

Back door gun control in action

Lawsuit over Colorado's gun laws has its day in court

An LAPD officer inspects a handgun during a gun buyback program in Los Angeles, Calif.

Suit seeks to overturn mag limits and background checks

Gun Test: Colt’s Mustang XPS .380 ACP


Everyone makes a plastic .380. What makes this one better?

NRA President James Porter: Registered firearms today — Confiscated firearms tomorrow


The gun registration to confiscation process has begun

For gun controllers honesty is not the best policy

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Rep. Keith Ellison thinks that pesky Second Amendment is a problem

VIDEO Outrage of the Week: RI State Senator tells Second Amendment supporter to “Go *Bleep* Yourself”

go f yourself

Sen. Miller to gun owners, “Go F#%K Yourself!”

Infographic: How wildlife is thriving because of guns & hunting

nssf study

In 2013 gun taxes of $760,900,000 paid for wildlife conservation

Gun Test – Gun Giveaway: Colt AR15A4


Win this gun! We have the review and the link to enter this gun giveaway.