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How To Choose A Riflescope

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You will likely spend a good deal of cash for your glass so choose wisely

Which Holster Is The Right One For A Woman?

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Keep your gun with you at all times – Here is the best way to conceal carry

The World Is A Dangerous Place. You Should Own A Survival Knife

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This survival knife is almost half off (Photo via Amazon)

This military tactical knife is half off

Gun Test: Magnum Research Desert Eagle L5 .357 Mag.

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One of only two .357 Magnum semi-automatic handguns available this 50 ounce Desert Eagle is a beast

Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, I Do Want Bear Grylls' Survival Knife

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Bear Grylls (YouTube Screenshot/Discovery Channel)

The key to survivalism, at a discount

NSSF Statement Regarding Directorate Of Defense Trade Controls Recent Firearms "Guidance" On Registration

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry delivers remarks on trade at an event with the Pacific Council on International Policy in Los Angeles, April 12, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

State Department now very involved in gun control

Guns & Politics: Finished France

Gun Laws & Legislation | Susan Smith
A policeman secures the position in front of the city hall after two assailants had taken five people hostage in the church at Saint-Etienne-du -Rouvray near Rouen in Normandy

Muslim immigrants are importing their own laws, rules, diseases, mores and garb of the hellholes they have left rejecting the French language, French customs, in short, French everything, except of course, French money

Anti-Gun Activist Targets Charity Gun Raffle

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Asher Thomson (5) looks over a pair of Colt revolvers at the National Rifle Association's (NRA) annual meetings and exhibits show in Louisville, Kentucky, May 21, 2016

One angry woman wasted law enforcement resources to investigate a legal gun raffle

CCW Weekend: Texas Campus Carry Now In Effect But Campus Carry Debate Rages On

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Illinois Concealed Carry Appeal

Government simply saying, “no one can have a weapon” doesn’t keep people safe

You Can Never Own Enough Knives

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You can never have too many tactical knives (Photo via Field Supply)

Browning tactical knives are on sale

Trump And General Patton

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“General George S. Patton Jr. was repeatedly accused of being flawed, arrogant, impulsive, impatient and contradictory”

This Week In Gun News: Obama Frees Gun Criminals, ATF Breaks Law, DC Crime Rises, Texas Campus Carry

Gun Laws & Legislation | Harold Hutchison
U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the American Federation of Teachers conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 18, 2016. REUTERS/Adam Bettcher

Hillary says she “won’t take guns away” – Now who really believes her?

Gun Test: POF-USA Renegade Plus Rifle

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In the crowded field of AR’s this one stands out do to very unique engineering – The craftsmanship and accuracy are outstanding

Can This Body Armor Save Your Life From A Machine Gun? The Results Will Surprise You

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Nobody saw this outcome

Hunters Leading Antipoaching Campaign In Africa

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A bird flies over a family of elephants walking in the Amboseli National Park, southeast of Kenya's capital Nairobi

Poachers kill an elephant every 15 minutes, a rhino every 8 hours

Sergeant Major Of The Army: There's Not Enough Women In Combat Arms

Military | Dan Chaison
FORT BENNING, GA - AUGUST 21:  First Lt.  Shaye Haver (center) and Capt. Kristen Griest (center right) are surrounded by a group of female friends and supporters after receiving their Ranger tab and graduating from the United States Army's Ranger School during a ceremony at Fort Benning, Georgia on August 21, 2015.  Griest and Haver are the first females to graduate from the Army's intensive Ranger School.  (photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

‘please talk to your career counselor today’

What To Say When Your Doctor Asks You About Your Gun

Gun Laws & Legislation | Barbara Baird
A surgeon and his theatre team perform key hole surgery to remove a gallbladder at at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital on March 16, 2010 in Birmingham, England. As the UK gears up for one of the most hotly contested general elections in recent history it is expected that that the economy, immigration, industry, the NHS and education are likely to form the basis of many of the debates.

We interviewed Dr. John Edeen from Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership – Here is what he recommends

Training With Airsoft And Air Guns

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Today’s air guns are realistic and you may even be able to find a CO2 pistol that mimics your carry gun

Gun Test: Ruger American Rifle .300 Winchester Magnum

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Capable of sub-moa accuracy with the right loads this rifle is under $700

Guns & Politics: What You Should Know About The National Rifle Association

Gun Laws & Legislation | Susan Smith

The Left despises the guardians of the Second Amendment