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132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Found In Great Basin National Park

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Model 1873 goes Rip Van Winkle

No Task Too Difficult – Even Illegal Immigration

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Immigrants who have been caught crossing the border illegally are housed inside the McAllen Border Patrol Station in McAllen

But we need politicians will the will to solve a problem

How To Defend Free Speech And BTW, Stop Trying To Sell Us On This Gun Control Crap

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Jihad is easy when the population is unarmed

Wayne LaPierre: Freedom Fighters Changed History

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You are that freedom fighter and those that would take our guns are still at the gate

'Amazing' Armed Customer Thwarts Armed Robbery, Inspires Woman To Obtain Concealed Carry Permit

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A Glock handgun available in a raffle promotion at Adventures Outdoors in Smyrna.

‘All of a sudden my wife ran back panicking …’

Papa John's Delivery Driver Shoots Armed Robber, Now Worried She Will Lose Her Job

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Handguns are seen for sale in a display case at Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton

‘She had no other choice’

All Things Left Considered: Progress Of A University Of Michigan Ph.D. And The “Gun Culture”

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Pro-gun Prof faces off against the Left’s anti-gun propaganda

Liam Neeson Rails Against Guns In The US While Promoting Latest Gun-Heavy Movie

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Has made $30 million shooting people in ‘Taken’

BATFE Rings In The New Year With More Executive Gun Control

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Regulators go after gunsmiths and those that want their guns repaired

Who’s Right About Right-to-Carry?

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Wasn’t your right-to-carry established in 1791?

Milwaukee Barber Shop Customer Takes Down Would-Be Robber

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‘The crime rate is so high’

Gun Test: Del-Ton DTI Evolution

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“The rifle consistently turned in 100-yard groups in the 1.25-inch range”

Wal-Mart Employee Refuses To Print Engagement Photo That Includes Shotgun

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Walmart refuses to print engagement photo with shotgun

‘It promoted gang culture’

U.S. Representative Massie Proposes Repeal Of Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act

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school bus Getty Images/G. Newman Lowrance

“Weapons bans and gun-free zones are unconstitutional. They do not and cannot prevent criminals or the mentally ill from committing acts of violence”

Crying Uncle To Jihadist Bullies

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“Today you’re killed for cartooning Mohammed….Tomorrow you’re killed for not covering your wife in a burka”

School House Finally Rocks: SC Is Going To Actually Teach Kids Facts About Guns

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Bill would create ‘Second Amendment Awareness Day’

Gun Test: LHR Redemption

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Seems there are fewer muzzleloader choices now, but this is a good one

Gun Test: Ruger .480 Super Redhawk

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The prodigal gun returns in all its gray glory and big-bore perfection

The Applegate – Purdy Indeed

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A design that pays homage to the holstermakers of old

Massad Ayoob: Castle Doctrine Fact vs. Fiction

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“Yes, your home is that castle. However, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to install an execution chamber.”