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3 Air Guns For Adults

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Want to see a .357 air rifle?

Gun Test: Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Guns and Gear

Concealed carry or home defense you are covered with this 1911

Canadian Rangers Bidding Farewell To The Lee-Enfield

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First Enfields started duty with the Canadians in 1947

Gun Test: Springfield Armory XD Mod.2

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Shooting Illustrated

“The XD Mod.2 represents the first redesign of an existing model in the XD family”

Ex-Con Who Kicked In Elderly Man's Door Shouldn't Have Done That

Guns and Gear | Chuck Ross
Handguns are seen for sale in a display case at Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton

‘You don’t have to wait for them to come in your house’

Buffalo Spirit Leadership

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File photo of a bison walking in Yellowstone National Park

“If freedom is lost in America, it is lost to the entire structure of the civilized world.”

Wayne LaPierre: “Universal Background Checks” Mean Gun Registration, Gun Bans and Confiscation

Gun Laws & Legislation | Wayne LaPierre
Customers look over the last two AR-15 style rifles for sale inside the Bullet Hole gun shop in Sarasota

“This scheme focuses only on peaceable citizens, not violent criminals”

Beretta’s Izumi Project: A Remarkably Matched SO6EELL Shotgun And Samurai Dagger

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This quality doesn’t come cheaply but take a look at what can be done when price is no object

How Many Water Balloons Does It Take To Stop A .44 Magnum? [VIDEO]

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Mike Piccione

Would you hide behind water balloons in a gun fight?

Inducing And Controlling Stress In Firearms Training

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A gun rights supporter carries his Ruger model SR9 pistol on his hip during a rally in support of the Michigan Open Carry gun law in Romulus

This is important for winning the confrontation. Here is the why and how of training with stress. Warning: some unorthodox advice here.

Gear Test: Aimpoint Micro T-2

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Shooting Illustrated

Need to hit your target? You have to see it first.

Gun Test: Beretta Pico

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | American Rifleman

At .71″ it is the thinnest gun out there, and one of the lightest – if you carry concealed take a look at the Pico

Gun Tests: Black Rain Ordnance ARs

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A billet-grade .308/5.56 matched set – the author even bought one as his defensive rifle

An ISIS By Any Other Name

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A fighter of the ISIL holds a flag and a weapon on a street in Mosul

If you called them “man-made climate change deniers” then they would be a target for elimination

Minnesota Lawmaker To Challenge Mall Of America's 'No Gun' Policy In Face Of Al-Shabaab Threat

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Chuck Ross

‘Completely ridiculous’

Washington Post Shocker: Background Checks Don’t Work

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
Mideast Syria Regime Confidence.JPEG

Surprise, surprise, terrorists avoid local laws to obtain guns

New Jersey Man Faces 10-Years For 1760s Flintlock Pistol

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA

This is gun control out of control, “arrest of a 72-year-old man over a 250-year-old artifact”

Video Shows Concealed Carrying Pharmacist Defending Against Armed Robbery

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Chuck Ross

‘You can’t just be passive’

Armed Idaho Homeowner Ends Manhunt For Escaped Prisoner

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Chuck Ross

Escapee had violent past, Aryan Nation ties

5 Traits Needed For Hunting Partners

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Womens Outdoor News

Your hunting partner is one of the most important people in your life