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OK, Really, What’s Going On With .22 Rimfire?

Ammo & Gear Reviews | American Rifleman

Who makes them? How come they just don’t make more? The reason is…

Welcome To The Golden Age Of Shotguns For Women

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fausti close up

From working pumps to high-end over/under’s – here is the roundup

New York Times Mischaracterizes New FBI Report

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
The New York Times Co. Post An 82 Percent Decline In 2nd Quarter Profi

The Gray Lady is getting a bit senile

Tips For Women: Choosing A Semi-Automatic Handgun

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What do you rate higher: Fit, Reliability, Cartridge or Conceal-ability?

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s Foolish Racial Rant About Becoming Ferguson

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Mayor of Sac

Black mayor lectures white people – this is a white cop’s response

California: Three More Anti-Gun Bills Signed Into Law And One Anti-Gun Bill Vetoed

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California Budget

Family members can file to have your guns taken away

Senate Dems Turn Guns On Kroger

Guns and Gear | Christian Datoc

Pressuring nation’s largest supermarket chain to prohibit firearms in stores

California Poised To Further Restrict Gun Rights

Guns and Gear | Melissa Brown

‘This unconstitutional, unaffordable, unproven and unworkable bill’

Geoshooting: Birth Of A New Sport

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Photo By Adam Campbell.

Pursue your target. Track it down. Shoot it.

Gun Test: Walther Arms PPQ M2 .22

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A lot of reasons to take a look at this gun

Shaneen Allen To Avoid Prison As New Jersey AG Revises Sentencing Guidance For Gun Law Violations

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
Republican New Jersey Governor Christie addresses supporters as he stands with his family at his election night party in Asbury Park

A little sanity – Atlantic County prosecutor reverses decision to seek prison time for Allen

In Sickness And In Health: A Tale Of Two Eagle Studies

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Photo by Yathin S Krishnappa

The purpose is to push a ban on lead ammo

Gun Test: Century International Arms C39 Micro Pistol

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AK Pistol

Kalashnikov Concern-made AKs are no longer available in the U.S. – but this gun is USA made and available to you

How The Life-Saving .357 Magnum Came To Be

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The .357 Magnum became a popular law enforcement choice, after it was found the .38 Special did not have the stopping power to save officers’ lives.

This is a classic man-stopper and one of the great handgun cartridges

Vote To End The “Choke Point” Extortion Racket

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We need politicians that won’t put up with this DOJ/FDIC gun ban plot

Infographic: The Changing Face Of Today’s Target Shooter

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Welcome one and all to the gun range!

5 Whitetail Essentials That Weigh Less Than 5 Ounces

Ammo & Gear Reviews | American Hunter

It’s fall, time to gear up for the field

Fact-Checking Feinstein On The Assault Weapons Ban

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear

20 years have passed since her gun ban and Feinstein says “The evidence is clear: the ban worked.”

Packin’ A Rifle

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carry shoulder muzzle

Sling it, strap it, muzzle down it – here are the dozen or so ways to carry your rifle

Massad Ayoob: Maximizing Semi-Auto Handgun Performance

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Guns and Gear

A double stack auto can carry as much ammo as three revolvers, but…