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CCW Weekend: Should You Tell Someone That You Own Guns?

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Asher Thomson (5) looks over a pair of Colt revolvers at the National Rifle Association's (NRA) annual meetings and exhibits show in Louisville, Kentucky, May 21, 2016

Disclosure of your firearm ownership depends on who is doing the asking

Gun-Banning U.S. Conference Of Mayors Attacks National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity

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Picture by: REUTERS/Bria Webb

“Michael Bloomberg, where he announced that he would be giving $200 million of his vast fortune to a new city-focused policy initiative”

At 57 Percent Off, This 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Knife Is A Steal

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This pocket knife is 57 percent off (Photo via Amazon)


California: Federal Judge Grants Request To Stay Enforcement Of California's Magazine Ban

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Court gavel (Shutterstock/Andrey_Popov)

“California gun owners will not be required to surrender or permanently alter their lawfully owned property by July 1”

Tips For Communicating With Police After Shootings

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Police uniform on the back of policeman, Ivan Kokoulin/shutterstock_638260507

Everything you say will be recorded after a shooting. Here is what to say to protect yourself.

Cop Shot In Face By Unarmed Black Man

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Deputy Matt

Career criminal attacks Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff

Concealed Carry For Congress, But Not For You

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U.S. Capitol Police keep watch on Capitol Hill following a shooting in nearby Alexandria, in Washington, U.S., June 14, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Lawmakers look to grant themselves self defense rights

The Thomas Ferney Type-1 Side By Side Meets The Wild Quail Of Sinkola Plantation

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Taking a great gun on a great hunt

Gun Test: .475 Turnbull Rifle

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First, you have probably never heard of a 475 Turnbull. Second, this is the most powerful and elegant lever action rifle you will ever see.

PHOTOS: Bella Hadid Hits The Streets In Italy In Lingerie

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The Smoke Room

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 21: Bella Hadid attends the Fashion for Relief event during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Aeroport Cannes Mandelieu on May 21, 2017 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Antony Jones/Getty Images)


Kurdish Sniper Dodged Death By A Head Scarf's Width, But It's Her Reaction That's Going Viral

Military | Ford Springer

She shook it off with a smile

New Concealed Carry Guns For 2017

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27 Handguns – One For Every Budget – One For Every Concealed Carry Need

The Gerber Multi-Tool Is The First Of Its Kind

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YouTube screenshot/Gerber

‘If you do real work, you probably want a multi-tool built for real challenges.’

Gun Test: FN 509 Pistol

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Made in the USA – FN firearms are some of the most battle tested weapons on earth

Manhattan DA Claims ISIS Supports Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

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PROVO, UT - DECEMBER 19: Damon Thueson shows a holster at a gun concealed carry permit class put on by "USA Firearms Training" on December 19, 2015 in Provo, Utah. Demand for concealed carry permits have spiked in the last several weeks with the terrorists attacks in Paris and the United States. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

‘If the law passes, there could be as many as two million more loaded guns coming into the city every year’

Guns & Politics: Comey Is Not Nixonian, He Is Jeffersonian

Guns and Gear | Susan Smith
Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., June 8, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

James Comey and Thomas Jefferson share these traits

CCW Weekend: Carrying A .22 Long Rifle For Self-Defense

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A box of 500 .22 cal. bullets are offered for sale at Freddie Bear Sports on October 18, 2012 in Tinley Park, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Most people think the .22LR is best reserved for plinking or shooting small game – Think again

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against PayPal And Others For Refusing To Do Business With Gun Merchants

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'The net effect of what they are doing is making the legitimate business of selling firearms operate as a cash business only'

Mainstream Media Misrepresents NRA's Position On Right-To-Carry Permits

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Illinois Concealed Carry

Here is the NRA’s position on concealed carry

Go Fancy - Life Is Short

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As you get older your tastes change