To Keep Alzheimer's Away, Keep An Eye On Blood Pressure

Health | Evie Fordham
'Drives a lot of the processes that give rise to dementia'

Your Dog Food May Be Hurting Your Dog's Heart

Health | Julia Cohen
Dog food with legumes and potatoes may be linked to canine heart disease

Trump's DEA Just Took A Major Step In Curbing The Opioid Crisis

Health | Tim Pearce
'The first steps toward changing a fundamentally flawed system'

Trump Delays Pfizer's Promised Drug Price Increases

Health | Julia Cohen
'Pfizer shares the President’s concern'

CMS Rule Strikes Obama-Era Regulation That Pays For Third-Party Fringe Benefits Instead Of Health Care

Health | Julia Cohen
The 2014 rule paid for 'benefits' to health care providers often without the provider's knowledge

Trump Administration May Stop Risk-Adjustment Payments Under Obamacare

Health | Julia Cohen
The program helps distribute costs among insurers

NIH Spent Over $300,000 In 2017 To Get Rodents Drunk

Health | Julia Cohen
The rodents simulate human relationship behavior

Pfizer Prescription Price Hikes Are Out And They're High

Health | Julia Cohen
Other drug companies also announced prescription price raises

Here's How Much The Government Is Spending On Health Insurance Subsidies

Health | Julia Cohen
Enrollment among the non-subsidized is sharply decreasing

A Third Of GoFundMe Pages Are For Health Care Expenses

Health | Julia Cohen
One out of every three pages on GoFundMe are for raising money for medical treatments, according to a Monday Minnesota Public Radio Article.

Pfizer Plant Problems Are Causing Serious Drug Shortages In Hospitals

Health | Julia Cohen
Some injectable drugs had cardboard particles floating in them

'Pups For Patriots Act' Trains Service Dogs For Veterans With PTSD

Health | Vandana Rambaran
Service dog therapy goes 'beyond anything that comes in a pill bottle'

Oklahoma Becomes 30th State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Health | Tim Pearce
The high point of the year

Study Finds Office Abortions To Be As 'Safe' As Abortions Performed In Hospitals

Health | Grace Carr
'Laws are not based on research evidence'

Puerto Rico VA Pharmacy Tech May Only Get 2 Years For Stealing $6.75 Million In Insulin

Health | Evie Fordham
VA Caribbean Healthcare System has a long history of corruption

FDA Approves Cannabis-Based Drug For First Time Despite Active Ingredient Being Schedule I Substance

Health | Julia Cohen
It cannot get patients high

Amazon's New Health Project Will Focus On Preventing 'The Wrong Care At The Wrong Time'

Health | Julia Cohen
'A lot of middlemen'

These Are The Services That Are Wasting Medicare Dollars

Health | Julia Cohen
They cost big with small results

More Insurers Are Entering The Individual Insurance Market In 2019

Health | Julia Cohen
There will still likely be premium increases

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