Operation Nimrod And Testing The Zenith MKE-5RS

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Recreating The British SAS MP5 Sub-Gun With A Zenith MKE-5RS

'Project Hero' -- Pence's Memorial Day Speech To Veterans Will Run A Chill Up Your Spine

Military | Ford Springer

‘You know it’s written if you owe debts, pay debts. If honor, then honor…’

Guns & Politics: The Rise Of Ataturk

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This powerful leader brought Turkey into the 20th Century

Unsung Hero: The Mk 248 MOD 1

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Chris Kyle reported in his book, “I used a .300 Win Mag for most of my kills.”

Guns & Politics: Russia And The Traitor

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Media hysteria over Donald Trump’s nonexistent Russia ties just might cause us to miss a real threat

U.S. XM17 MHS - It's The Hollow Points, Stupid

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Maybe it is time to dump ball ammo

101st Airborne Division To Get New M17 Handgun ASAP Despite Legal Challenges

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Lawsuits will not stop the M17 and M18 from being issued

Guns & Politics: La Marseillaise! The Day Of Glory Has Arrived!

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The great anthem of France and the future of Europe

Guns & Politics: This Man Is America's Spymaster

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He is the only person to have received all four of the United States’ highest awards: The Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the National Security Medal

New Policy Gives Female Airmen One Year To Decide To Leave The Service After Having A Baby

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Female soldier (Shutterstock)

‘Diversity and inclusion initiatives’

Guns & Politics: The Archangel Of Death

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When a youthful protester gains too much power…

Guns & Politics: We All Owe A Debt To Southern Hillbillies

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This is what happens when you pick a fight with men from the other side of the mountain

Guns & Politics: Dunkirk

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Dunkirk (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips Trailers)

Will Hollywood do justice to this great event of World War II?

Over There - The Guns Of The Doughboys

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U.S. Marines form a line in France in an undated photo taken during the First World War. The United States marks 100 years since their entry into World War One on April 6, 2017. Courtesy Library of Congress/Handout via REUTERS

100 Years Ago Today The United States Entered WWI

Marine Drill Instructor Teaches Reporter How To Make A Bed ... Then Starts To Get Impatient

Military | Ted Goodman
U.S. Marine Corp Staff Sgt. instructs a journalist on how to make a bed. (YouTube Screenshot/Staten Island Advance)

‘Say something!’

Guns & Politics: The Trumpets With The Power To Summon War

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Tutankhamen’s tomb produced two primitive trumpets – But when they sound, war ensues

An Exclusive Look At Special Forces In Alex Quade's 'Danger Close'

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It’s unlike any war film ever made

Aimpoint Receives U.S. Army Contract

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30,000 M68 Close Combat Optics

Guns & Politics: The Rise And Fall Of The Templar Knights

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After faithfully serving the Church and State they were betrayed and destroyed

Germany Wants To Change NATO's Spending Criteria

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Lithuanian troops along with the other troops from 11 NATO nations take part in the exercise in urban warfare during Iron Sword exercise in the mock town near Pabrade, Lithuania, December 2, 2016. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins

Merkel and Trump will discuss NATO