Bergdahl’s Troubled Platoon

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Rolled sleeves, bandannas – Totally Out Of Control, one person even had stubble in combat

Canadian Rangers Bidding Farewell To The Lee-Enfield

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First Enfields started duty with the Canadians in 1947

Buffalo Spirit Leadership

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File photo of a bison walking in Yellowstone National Park

“If freedom is lost in America, it is lost to the entire structure of the civilized world.”

An ISIS By Any Other Name

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A fighter of the ISIL holds a flag and a weapon on a street in Mosul

If you called them “man-made climate change deniers” then they would be a target for elimination

Why Americans Should Know The Importance Of Yemen

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Soldiers are seen near the house of Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in Sanaa

“Iran is recreating its historical empire”

The Navy's Tech Is RIDDLED With Vulnerabilities, And There's Nothing It Can Do

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Cybersecurity at the Navy

Each fix costs bookoo cash, cash the Navy doesn’t have

4 More Phrases To Be Thrown Under The Bus

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Empty buses, intended for IDPs from the village of Debaltseve, drive in the direction of the village to evacuate the residents, outside Yenakieve town, eastern Ukraine

Former Green Beret Paul Avallone continues his list of phrases that really need to go away

5 Phrases To Be Thrown Under The Bus

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Waterboarding Demo

Overused and misunderstood the media just has to let these motivational war zingers go away – this article is too big to fail

Beretta And The M9A3: Update

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Beretta is packing up and leaving Maryland and the military may be leaving the M9

View From Jerusalem: US Foreign Policy Is From Jupiter (A Gas Giant)

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“The West’s inability, and worse unwillingness, to recognize the enormity of the threats facing it puts the entire world in inestimable danger”

Navy's Multiplayer Video Game Gives Sailors Just Seconds To Destroy Missiles

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Strike Group Defender: The Missile Matrix

American Civilians Killed in Afghanistan – The Two Faces of Islamist Terror

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Afghan policemen inspect the wreckage of a bus hit by a suicide attack in Kabul

Understand the difference between home-grown jihadists and modern-world jihadists

Iran’s Massive Rocket Moves To Launch Pad While The West Capitulates To Islam

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With Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela (and perhaps Turkey) working together to prefect nuclear weapons, the farce of the negotiations gets thinner with each discovery

Our Next Step In The War On Terror: Obama Sends Crosby, Stills And Nash To Serenade Iranian Mullahs

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Green Beret Paul Avallone declares Je Suis Charlie symbolism is “Merde!”

Crying Uncle To Jihadist Bullies

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“Today you’re killed for cartooning Mohammed….Tomorrow you’re killed for not covering your wife in a burka”

Beretta USA Presents M9A3 Pistol To U.S. Army

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New for the military and civilian sales start in 2015

How’d You Lose The Wars, Daddy?

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Old man being questioned immediately following a raid on a weapons cache where only he was present, and we wanted to know where the bigger fish had gone.

“Both wars were won in the initial invasions/assaults and lost in the following decade of hearts-and-minds nation-building”

Gun Test: Colt M45 Marine Corps

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Want one? About 2,000 M45’s will be released for consumer sale

P35 Vs. P38

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Does Hi-Cap Trump DA Mode?

The Tired Excuse Of Racism

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Gen. Curry served three presidents after retirement from the US Army.

White officers were determined to see me get a fair shake in spite of my race