The Impeccable Integrity Of Billy Graham By Graham's Former 'Pastor'

O.S. Hawkins
Billy Graham Getty Images/Mario Tama

It was my great joy to be called his ‘pastor’ during my years at the First Baptist Church in Dallas

Should There Be A Black History Month?

op-ed | E.W. Jackson
I Have A Dream collage Shutterstock/PhotoStockImage

Our national stories do not always make us proud, but they always teach us

Let's Stop State Kleptocrats From BRAZENLY FILCHING Infrastructure Funding

op-ed | Alan Daley
robber thief pop Shutterstock/studiostoks

No fund is too small for a state government to snatch

On Billy Graham, From A Catholic's Viewpoint

op-ed | Joanne Butler
The clouds open with a dove. (Shutterstock)

Perhaps the special presence Billy Graham had doesn’t have a name.

The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office Has Become An Enemy Of America's Inventors

op-ed | James Edwards
Back to the Future YouTube screenshot/gladiator88rm

Nobody but lawyers likes expensive litigation

Billy Graham's Century

op-ed | Ken Allard
Billy Graham Getty Images/David McNew

Not even this absurdly secular society is beyond the reach of God’s amazing grace

School Safety Is A Common-Sense Solution

op-ed | Bishop Council Nedd
A hooded an holds up a gun. (Shutterstock)

We need a more level-headed approach to combating this problem

How Was Russian Disinformation Successful? The Folks Running CNN Proved They're Completely Oblivious

Editorial | Geoffrey Ingersoll

We’re supposed to believe a random woman in Broward County is a threat to democracy.

The Media Lied To You Again This Week: Obama Was No Tough Guy, And Putin Knew It

Editorial | Christopher Bedford
Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin on Nov. 20, 2016. Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images.

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REGULATING FAKE NEWS: Curing A Cold With Cyanide

op-ed | Charles J. Glasser, Jr., Esq.
reporter pop Shutterstock/studiostoks

Do you really want to give the Clintons, the Bushes and the Kennedys that kind of power?

The Media Is Lying To The Parkland Survivors

Editorial | Peter Hasson
REUTERS/Michael Laughlin/Pool

Media lies are hurting these kids even more

Iranian Public Opinion Poll Features Delusional Pollsters, Alien Respondents And Fairy Tale Results

op-ed | Shahram Ahmadi Nasab Emran
Shutterstock/adike, Getty Images/Atta Kenare, Shutterstock/NatalieBakunina

Perhaps the ‘respondents’ are not Iranian at all, or even human. Perhaps aliens?

Conservatives Need To Take A Second Look At Malcolm X

Opinion | Amber Randall
Malcolm X/WikiMedia Commons/Library of Congress

‘Conformed to mainstream or conservative cultural values’

Not All Democrats Are Trying To Throw Coal Country Under A Bus

op-ed | Jared Whitley
Coal in the hands of miners. (Shutterstock)

Wouldn’t it be great to give other developing nations cleaner energy?

A Massacre The World Can Never Forget

op-ed | Raoul Lowery-Contreras
A tank in the middle of a field. (Shutterstock)

Thanks to the Internet, America knows it now.  

Amazing New Breakthrough To Reduce Mass Shootings!

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter (Shutterstock/Christopher Halloran)

Imagine if we could cut our mass shootings in half…

Here Is What A Gun Violence Reduction Act Should Look Like From A Second Amendment Supporter

op-ed | Alex Plitsas
gun flag Second Amendment Constitutional Shutterstock/Stephanie Frey

Republicans in Congress can prevent senseless mass shootings

Fixing Welfare Is Ultimately A Philosophical Problem

op-ed | Russell Paul La Valle
The welfare state with numbers and formulas. (Shutterstock)

One’s life is one’s own responsibility.

There's Not A Single Ounce Of Evidence To Link Mass Shootings To Video Games

op-ed | Katie Frates
People mourn in front of a cross in a park where crosses were placed to commemorate the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, U.S., February 16, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is wrong

Trade Between Turkey And The USA Is BOOMING Under Donald Trump

op-ed | Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ
Reuters/Joshua Roberts, Shutterstock/FreshStock

The appetite of Turkish businesses to invest in the U.S. cannot be underestimated

Twitter Censorship Should TERRIFY Everyone

op-ed | Noah Peters
Shutterstock/solomon7, Shutterstock/RedDaxLuma

Our important free speech precedents have always involved speakers who were widely reviled

BUSTED: This Study Lays Bare How Hospitals Are Driving Up Healthcare Costs

op-ed | Jerry Rogers
busted Shutterstock/Aquir

Hospitals have no incentive to cut costs. So guess what? THEY DON’T

Guns Will Never Go Away In America But We MUST Protect Our Children. Here's How

op-ed | Travis Yates
Parkland shooting Getty Images/Joe Raedle

It is time to give our children the same protections we give our politicians

The Coming Global Forest Regrowth

op-ed | Steve Goreham
The rainforest in a fog. (Shutterstock)

The great news is that world forests will be growing on net within the next few decades.

When The Mainstream Media Gets Beaten To Their Russian Punchline

op-ed | Ron Hart
Graphic image of a person racing against time. (Shutterstock)

The media now feigns outrage!

CPAC's Best Decision This Year? Inviting A Young French Nationalist To Speak

Editorial | Scott Greer
Marion Marechal-Le Pen, French National Front political party deputy, attends a political rally as she campaigns for Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader and candidate for the French 2017 presidential election, in Marseille, France, April 19, 2017. REUTERS/Robert Pratta - UP1ED4J1FQ7JQ

Le Pen shows CPAC is staying relevant in the age of populist-nationalism

How A Home Invasion Has Been Distorted As An Indictment Of Racism

op-ed | David Krayden

‘…crimes were committed and a jury found the man not guilty in protecting his home and family.’

President Trump And The Issue Of Free Speech

op-ed | Thomas Wheatley
A man with his hands over his mouth. Shutterstock

Americans must remember the rights shielded by the First Amendment .

With A Solid Game Plan, Libertarians Can Win Elections in 2018

op-ed | Nickolas Wildstar
libertarian image via Creative Commons license courtesy of Nickolas Wildstar for governor

It takes courage to defend the principle of liberty in every way, shape and form

We May Have Found The Answer To Immigration Reform In 'Guest Workers'

op-ed | Stewart Lawrence
Passports on top of a world map. (Shutterstock)

Denying the problem won’t solve it.


op-ed | Robert S. Graham
pills Shutterstock/nokwalai

Big Pharma needs to stop artificially hike prices for American families

Massachusetts Democrats Splinter As Warren Wavers

op-ed | Rachel Tripp
Elizabeth Warren Getty Images/Nicholas Kamm

Sen. Warren now risks finding herself shunned just as widely.

The Tesla in Space: Art or Travesty?

op-ed | Mark Whittington
IN SPACE - FEBRUARY 8: In this handout photo provided by SpaceX, a Tesla roadster launched from the Falcon Heavy rocket with a dummy driver named "Starman" heads towards Mars. (Photo by SpaceX via Getty Images)

The reactions of Lakdawalla and her friends seem to be colored by PC culture.

Good Luck Getting Pro Athletes To 'Shut Up And Dribble'

Editorial | Scott Greer
CLEVELAND, OH - JANUARY 20: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers looks up at the scoreboard during a stoppage in play in the second quarter of the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Quicken Loans Arena on January 20, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. Oklahoma City defeated Cleveland 148-124. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

The Left rewards sports stars for being ‘woke’

Azerbaijan Is America’s Crucial Ally Along The New Silk Road

op-ed | Maayan Hoffman
Baku Azerbaijan Shutterstock/RAndrei

Let’s bring Western democratic values to this very large region of the world

Media Coverage of Trumponomics Is Biased As Usual

op-ed | Ted Harvey
Economic graphs and numbers. (Shutterstock)

What would have happened had President Obama signed a tax bill that immediately benefited millions of Americans?

Trump Needs A Return to King Dollar

op-ed | Larry Kudlow
Stacks of American bills. (Shutterstock)

A return to King Dollar is a good thing.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Armed School Personnel Will Save Lives!

op-ed | Don Boys
Parkland shooting Getty Images/Joe Raedle

Wimpy liberals lose total control of their thinking process when it comes to guns

#MeToo Fails To Address Hollywood's Penchant For Marketing Sex-Soaked TV To Kids

op-ed | Melissa Henson
The Mick YouTube screenshot/JoBlow TV Show Trailers

We need to combat the sexual content being marketed to our children

Mueller's Indictments Show How Obama FAILED To Stop Russian Interference In The 2016 Election

op-ed | Alex Plitsas
AFP/Getty Images/Alexsey Druginyn, Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla, Reuters/Carlos Barria, Reuters/Jim Young

We must reestablish the deterrence that was lost over the last decade

Forget NAFTA. Here's The Trade Issue To Watch

| Maryalene LaPonsie
India Shutterstock/Roop_Dey

It’s time for Modi to practice what he preaches

Jimmy Kimmel: A Moron Or Just A Bigot?

op-ed | Jeffrey M. Trissell
Jimmy Kimmel YouTube screenshot/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dear Mr. Kimmel: Can a Jewish baker be forced to bake a cake for a festive Kristallnacht-Holocaust party?

It's No Mystery Why Journos Fell For The Phony White Nationalist Connection To Florida Shooting

Editorial | Scott Greer
Students are evacuated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during a shooting incident in Parkland, Florida, U.S. February 14, 2018 in a still image from video. WSVN.com via REUTERS.

The desperation for answers is bringing up political narratives

Here Is How To Teach Your Child To Say 'No' To Sexual Monsters Like Larry Nassar

op-ed | Ira Chaleff
Larry Nassar Getty Images/Jeff Kowalsky

The skill is called Intelligent Disobedience

The Big Government Policies Of The Democratic Party Have Been Disastrous For Native Peoples

op-ed | Kambree Kawahine Koa
Native American Getty Images/Scott Olson

It’s time to give the Republican Party a chance

Hey, Nicholas Kristof: If You're Smart, Why Do You Act So Obtuse?

op-ed | Roger Stone
Nicholas Kristof YouTube screenshot/The New York Times

The irresponsible, misleading dreck has gone from annoying to old and stale

Here Is How To Start Reducing Casualties In All These Mass Shootings

op-ed | Joe Alton
Parkland Florida shooting Getty Images/Joe Raedle

Active shooters don’t have to be part of the New Normal

THE MUELLER MESS: Have The American People Lost Another Key Sovereign Power?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
Robert Mueller Getty Images/Alex Wong

Our liberty is standing in airlock, waiting to be blown into the vacuum of historical oblivion

STOP THE MADNESS: The Legal Shakedown Of America's Energy Industry Is Flagrant Abuse Of The Courts

op-ed | Craig Richardson
judge pop Shutterstock/bomg

The insatiable environmental movement is an absurd beast that will never be satisfied

Why General Flynn Should WITHDRAW His Guilty Plea

op-ed | Sidney Powell
Michael Flynn Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan knows a cover-up when he sees one

Copernicus Inspires Us To Seek Out A Challenging Education

op-ed | Jamie Gass
The Milky Way Galaxy. Shutterstock

Let’s draw inspiration from his intellectual courage.