Jeff Bell's Case For The Middle Class -- And Against The Federal Reserve

Opinion | David Wagner
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.42.21 PM

The long-shot New Jersey senate candidate was with Reagan in ’76, and his tune hasn’t changed much.

Holder's Legacy: Double Punishment Of Financial Crisis Victims

Opinion | John Berlau
Attorney General Eric Holder Announces Civil Rights Investigation Into Michael Brown Death

His crowning achievement, a settlement against Bank of America, is blatantly unjust.

Ukraine Proves The End Of History Is Still A Long Way Away

Opinion | Sumantra Maitra and Mitchell Blatt
French President Francois Hollande, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and U.S. President Barack Obama meet to discus Ukraine at the NATO summit at the Celtic Manor resort, near Newport

Cold War alliance politics is a poor fit for an age of limited war and covert insurgencies.

Indian Government Announces Desperately Needed Intellectual Property Reform

Opinion | Lorenzo Montanari
India's Prime Minister Modi gives a speech during his lecture meeting hosted by Nikkei Inc. and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Tokyo

It’s an important step for an economy characterized by rampant counterfeiting and IP theft.

It's Time For Roger Goodell To Go

Opinion | Keith Naughton
NFL Commissioner Goodell speaks at a news conference to address domestic violence issues and the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy in New York

His social responsibility mission has put the NFL in jeopardy and set it up for a crisis.

Gambling On The Baptists: A Casino Magnate Reaches For The Collection Plate

Opinion | Bruce Yandle and Adam Smith
Sheldon Adelson Lawsuit.JPEG

Lindsay Graham says Sheldon Adelson and his Baptists back home are ‘one person on this idea.’

A Bold Plan To Accelerate Education Reform

Opinion | Ed Gillespie
West Virginia Schools Reset.JPEG

School choice is flourishing; we should encourage it by devolving funding and control to the states.

Obama's Blowing In The Wind At The UN

Opinion | Robert G. Kaufman
U.S. President Obama addresses the 69th UN General Assembly in New York

The president expects too much from the ineffectual body.

Rule Of Law: An Eggs-traordinary Tale Of Economic Reasoning

Opinion | Jessica Medeiros-Garrison

Republican AGs are fighting a law that would force egg importers from other states to adhere to California’s standards.

COULTER: GOP Bordering On Victory

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Mass immigration is wildly unpopular. Republicans should make their opponents take a position on Obama’s post-election amnesty.

The Dangers Of Working With Iran To Defeat ISIS

Opinion | Russ Read
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif addresses the Council on Foreign Relations in New York

We can’t replace a short-term threat with a long-term existential one.

Is Ted Cruz For Real?

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Cruz arrives with Smith to begin a news conference about immigration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

The question conservatives ask quietly.

The Left's Split Personality On Budget And Environmental Policy

Opinion | J.T. Young
A protester carries a sign during the "People's Climate March" in the Manhattan borough of New York

One is an actuarial certainty, the other is a hypothesis. But to the left, only one is a crisis.

Chinese Crack Down On U.S. Food Firms, Sometimes Without Saying Why

Opinion | Peter Roff
Crane carries a container from a Hanjin Shipping ship at the Hanjin container terminal as a China Shipping Line ship arrives at the Busan New Port

Under the guise of food safety, authorities are trying to give a boost to Chinese firms.

Undercover Hero Wins Landmark Case Against Holder's DOJ

Opinion | Alfred S. Regnery

Holder’s DOJ has prosecuted cops harshly, but often failed to protect them.

Why I Wrote A Book About Secession In America

Opinion | Douglas MacKinnon
A couple sit outside the Scottish Parliment after the referendum on Scottish independence in Edinburgh

After Scotland, splitting’s all the rage.

'Game of Thrones' Creator: Worry More About Violence

Opinion | Dan Isett
Really, Oberyn? I mean, really? You couldn't just finish off The Mountain and get Tyrion the W. You were such a cool character. A strange, bisexual, hedonistic badass with a spear from Dorne washed away like that. George R. R. Martin really does feed off the tears of his fans. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)

Cable choice is a way to make sure consumers aren’t paying for content they find objectionable.

Florida Teachers Union Clouds Prospects For Special Needs Students

Opinion | Jared Blanchard
Yoga Balls Classroom.JPEG

They’re trying to strike down an innovative new program for developmentally challenged kids

Climate Marchers Promote A Moral Travesty

Opinion | Tom Harris
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, former United States Vice President Al Gore, United Nations Secretary General  Ban Ki-moon and French Environment Minister Segolene Royal take part in the "People's Climate March" down 6th Ave. in the Man

Climate change mitigation schemes promote suffering today in exchange for averting hypothetical future crises.

YODA Takes On The Dark Side Of Copyright Enforcement

Opinion | Mytheos Holt
Games E3 Microsoft.JPEG

Licensing of physical devices is a dangerous precedent that deserves legislative action.