Clinton's Russia Fiction

Opinion | Scott Wheeler
Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

Only now that Clinton needs to use Putin as a foil against her opponent does she express concern about Russia.

How Political Correctness Is Sabotaging Our War Against Jihad

Opinion | Dr. William Kilpatrick
An Islamic State flag hangs amid electric wires over a street in Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon January 19, 2016. REUTERS/Ali Hashisho

Muslim terrorists all over the world believe in Allah’s command to wage jihad against unbelievers. We can’t be blind to this.

The Weekly Standard Should Apologize For Its Anti-Catholic Ad

Opinion | Mary Powers
A woman displays a plastic fetus as she takes part to a demonstration to protest against the government's law about abortion on October 17, 2009 in Madrid. (PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images)

Catholics for Choice is possibly the most astroturfed organization of all time, and The Weekly Standard gave them a platform.

The EPA's "Power Plan" Is An Unlawful Power Grab

Opinion | Marlo Lewis
Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA’s Power Plan will seriously undermine the rule of law, federalism, and the separation of powers.

How Reddit Ruined The Hillary Clinton Campaign

Opinion | Jeffrey Marty
Hillary Clinton discussing her email server. Youtube screen grab

The actions of “Stonetear” could become a modern-day equivalent of Watergate in this campaign.

Jury Awards Significant Damages Against Big Labor's Defamation Campaign

Opinion | Heather Greenaway
mox worker

Other businesses who’ve faced similar intimidation and smear campaigns on the part of union bosses should be encouraged to fight back.

The Solar Industry Cashes In On Government Subsidies

Opinion | Chris Millis
U.S. President Obama inspects solar panels at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas

In some states, subsidies for solar facilities are more than double the facilities’ actual costs.

Weiner Again

Opinion | David Lawrence
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 16:  Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) announces his resignation June 16, 2011 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. The resignation comes 10 days after the congressman admitted to sending lewd photos of himself on Twitter to multiple women.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

What a sad, sick crew — Hillary, Weiner, Huma and Bill.

Debunking The Gulen-Erdogan Relationship

Opinion | Hakan Yesilova
Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen is pictured at his residence in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

Fethullah Gülen is not Erdoğan’s biggest threat, nor was he ever his chief ally.

EXCLUSIVE: I Worked With David Brock -- He Illegally Obtained Phone Records

Opinion | Mark Paoletta
David Brock

Media Matters wants to sue Fox News for allegedly committing the very same crime that David Brock himself did.

Hookstead's Hot Take: The Wussification Of America Is A Cancer That Must Be Eradicated

Opinion | David Hookstead
Neutered men (Credit: Shutterstock)

Social justice warriors and safe spaces need to disappear

A Second Opinion On Hillary's Health

Opinion | Gerard Gianoli
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leaves her daughter's apartment building after resting on September 11, 2016, in New York

As a physician – and a voter – I expect nothing less than Clinton’s full health records.

Despite Its Controversial Republican Governor, Maine Is Beginning To Trend Trump

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event at the Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine

A surprise loss in the state could cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Registration, Confiscation, Arrest

Opinion | Stephen P. Halbrook
Man examines a gun during an exhibition. Source: Shutterstock/DmyTo

Europeans are pushing back against the restrictions, but they don’t have a Second Amendment on their side.

On God's Creation And The Tautology Of Being

Opinion | Alan Keyes
A cross on an underground Catholic church is silhouetted in Tianjin November 10, 2013. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

No matter what they do, none of the philosophers who pretend to give an exposition of human understanding have ever found a starting place for thought that escapes the primacy of being itself.

The Alt-Right And The Death Of Conservatism

Opinion | Moses Apostaticus
Visitors stand next to the ruins of the 5th century B.C.

The alt-right is edgier than conservatism. It is more aggressive and assertive. That’s the point.

America Is Drowning In Terrorist Cells

Opinion | Bryan Crabtree
Scene of the Chelsea bombing. (J.P. Carroll/The Daily Caller News Foundation)

At minimum, we must temporarily stop Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees from entering this country.

The Dakota Access Pipeline And Rule Of Law

Opinion | Brian McNicoll
Protesters demonstrate against the Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, in Los Angeles, California, September 13, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Does making points with extremists count for more than rule of law? We’re about to find out, and we may well not like the answer.

The More Things Change...

Opinion | Paul H. Yarbrough
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up as he arrives at a barbecue restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S. September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Donald Trump is just another Republican that can be explained as a veiled FDR-style ideologue.

Checks And Balances Require That The IRS Chief Be Impeached

Opinion | Adam Brandon
IRS Commissioner John Koskiner,

It’s not just conservative groups seeking vindication — a majority of Americans believe John Koskinen should be held responsible for his actions.