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The Daily Caller

Benelli introduces the Ethos


15,000 shots and no malfunctions

The .30-40 Krag

30-40 krag cartridge

Are you lucky enough to still have a .30-40 Krag?

The Remington Nylon 66 - American Rifleman

Remington nylon 66

Trivia: The Nylon 66 was going to be called the Bearcat

Practical Riflecraft

Riflecraft lead

This article is all about taking your best shot and making it count

The Winchester Model 88 “Bolt-action rifle with a lever” - GUNS Magazine


There were a lot of different lever rifles made but the 88 is unique

New Beretta 692 leapfrogs to the top of mid-priced clays guns

beretta over under receiver

Excellent over/under for the money

Getting Western with Cowboy Action Shooting

cowboy action shooting

Cowboy action shooting is fast, fun and filled with good people

GAMO Thanksgiving combo special


Gobble this one up fast

Gun Review: Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I - Women's Outdoor News

Beretta SilverPigeon-Mia

Beretta has made guns for 500 years, they get it right

The new 20-Gauge Beretta 486 Side by Side - Shotgun Life


This Beretta is sweet

Gun Test: Weatherby’s SA-08 28 gauge - GUNS Magazine

weatherby 28 gauge

Weatherby’s new self-loader is perfectly scaled to the cartridge

Winchester’s ‘New’ Model 1873 - American Rifleman


“One of the smoothest actions I have ever encountered on a lever gun”

Gun Test: Weatherby-X Vanguard GH2 - American Rifleman


This Weatherby is accurate, affordable and lady-like

From tactical to field: Hunting wild hogs the Mossberg way - Gun Digest


3 slugs touching at 100 meters – you have to see this Mossberg perform

The other Old West repeaters - GUNS Magazine

other old west

Cowboy guns – the other lever actions

Gun Test: GAMO MRA Showstopper – the Shawn Michaels edition - American Hunter

showstopper gamo

WWE Superstar has a superstar pellet gun

Gun Test: CZ Bores the 527 for .17 Hornet, adds 455V - Gun Digest


Hornady has a 20-grain V-Max bullet at 3,650 fps

Taylor’s Tactical Model 1892 Alaskan Take-down - American Rifleman

Lever take down

“Our sample was a real shooter”

Types and comparisons: Which shotgun is the best? - The Shooting Channel


Which shotgun is ‘best’ is a purpose driven question

New Product: Advanced Armament .300 AAC Blackout Handi-Rifle - American Rifleman

handirifle 300 acc blackout

300 ACC Blackout rifle will set you back $359