Martha McSally Response To Dems Stonewalling On DACA Is Exactly What You'd Expect From A Fighter Pilot

Politics | Nick Givas

‘It’s infuriating’

CNN's Chris Cuomo Grows A Spine And Actually Stood Up To A Dem Congressman

Politics | Nick Givas

Government shutdown would be ‘on you’

Scarborough Says Americans Too Busy Working To Worry About Trump's Rhetoric [VIDEO]

Media | Nick Givas

‘They don’t have time to be frightened’

Bret Baier Asked John Kelly If He Was In For The Long Haul. Kelly's Answer Is Inspiring

US | Amber Randall

‘People’s lives depend on it’

First Somali Police Officer In Maine Arrested At Concert

US | Grace Carr

Could face over 2 years in prison

Democrat Dennis Kucinich Promises To Tout Trump Values In Bid For John Kasich's Job

Politics | Nick Givas

‘I can reach out to the people who voted for President Trump’

Justin Timberlake Opens Up About The Janet Jackson 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

Entertainment | Ford Springer

Is she going to return with him this year?

Jeff Flake's Highly Anticipated Anti-Trump Speech -- Only One Senator Stuck Around And Listened

Politics | Peter Hasson


Puerto Rico Students And Teachers Cheer After School's Power Restored

Energy | Chris White
FILE PHOTO: Cars drive under a partially collapsed utility pole, after the island was hit by Hurricane Maria in September, in Naguabo, Puerto Rico October 20, 2017. (Photo: REUTERS/Alvin Baez/File Photo)

‘[U]ntil last week we were operating without energy’

Reporters Get Catty Over Fake News Awards -- Sarah Sanders Burns 'Em With The Purrrfect Response

Politics | Benny Johnson


Check Out A Sneek Peek Of 'Tomb Raider'

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It looks great

TheDC Newsroom: Here Lies CNN's Chris Cuomo, Hoisted On His Own Petard

Video | Daily Caller Productions

That trial run for his new show is NOT going well

De Blasio's Answer To NYC's Outrageous Subway Problems? Higher Taxes

Politics | Nick Givas

‘A tax on millionaires and billionaires is the best way to do it’

CNN Doctor Decides Trump Has Heart Disease, Contradicting Trump's Real Doctor

Media | Amber Athey

Gupta has never examined the president

Dave Brat Trashed CNN While Appearing On The Network And The Anchors Reactions Are Priceless

Media | Amber Athey
'Meltdown crying mode'

Daniel Radcliffe's Latest Movie Doesn't Exactly Look Outstanding

Entertainment | David Hookstead


Former 'Today' Show Member 'Not Surprised' By Allegations Against Lauer

Media | Ford Springer

‘Um…I can tell you that I am not surprised by the allegations’

Morning Joe's Mika 'Disturbed' By Trump's Physical Results, Calls Him 'Evil'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘The word evil comes to mind’

Illegal Immigrant Laughs In Court After Charged With Killing Cops

US | Henry Rodgers

‘I will kill more’

'12 Strong' Is An Incredible War Film That Will Keep You Hooked From Start To Finish

Entertainment | David Hookstead
12 Strong (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube movieclipsTRAILERS)

It’s awesome

This Little Kid Stole The Show At The Cleveland Cavaliers And Golden State Warriors Game

Sports | Ford Springer

You have to see this

Rockets Player Doesn't Seem Too Bothered Over Alleged Locker Room Altercation

Sports | David Hookstead

Is it a big deal?

Matthew Stafford's Season Highlights Are Chilling - Must-Watch For Lions Fans

Sports | David Hookstead


It's Officially Time For Sen. Leahy To Retire--He Thinks Africa Is A Country

Media | Amber Athey
'A country where are trying...'

The Alabama Player Who Went Ballistic On The Sidelines Has Left The Program

Sports | David Hookstead

We all saw this coming

Jonah Hill's New Movie Looks Horrible

Entertainment | David Hookstead

You can pass on this one

Someone Let Will Ferrell On The Court At The Australian Open And It Was Hilarious

Sports | Ford Springer

‘In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy…’

Call The Fire Department! Sarah Sanders Flames NBC And Chuck Schumer In The Same Breath

Politics | Benny Johnson

We don’t need no water!

Matt Damon Apologizes For Sexual Harassment Comments

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

‘I should get in the backseat and close my mouth…’

Lindsey Graham Just Made It Clear What He Thinks Of Trump's Campaign Promises

Politics | Peter Hasson

‘Does that sound pretty reasonable?’

TheDC Newsroom: Sen. Flake Has A Mouthful Of Trump, And Steelers Fans Are Crybabies

Video | Julia Nista

Because Trump Is The New Stalin, Right?

Samantha Hoopes Just Posted A Video From The Bathtub That's Worth Taking A Look At

Entertainment | Ford Springer

The Smoke Room

This is unreal

Chris Hemsworth Reveals What It Was Like To Film The True Story '12 Strong'

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It looks great

Rejoice! There Is New 'Westworld' Footage

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Check it out

Watch President Trump's Martin Luther King Day Message [VIDEO]

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
"We are all created equal"

This Video Showing Firefighters Running Into Massive Blaze To Save A Child Is Nothing Short Of Astounding

US | Chris White

‘We were catching babies like a football – literally’

Top Republican Says Dems Should 'Get Over' Idea Of Clean Dream Act

Politics | Will Racke

‘It’s not happening’

The Sideline Video Of The Vikings Game-Winning Touchdown Is Chilling

Sports | David Hookstead

It’s awesome

Watch Rand Paul Stand Up For Trump, Tells Of His Generosity To Haiti

Media | Nick Givas

‘Democrats only care about destroying the dialogue’

'Members Of The Ku Klux Klan...': CNN's Symone Sanders Makes ABSURD Reference When Talking About Trump

Media | Justin Caruso

This will make your blood boil

Sports Illustrated Drops Unreal Swimsuit Video

Entertainment | David Hookstead

The Smoke Room


Rand Paul Has One Simple Rebuttal For Dems Calling Trump Racist

Politics | Kevin Daley

‘Destroying the setting’

The UFC Might Strip Conor McGregor Of His Championship Title

Sports | David Hookstead

What do you think of this decision?

The Newest 'Black Panther' Preview Is Lit - Expectations Are Now Sky High

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It should be a great movie

The Vikings Had One Of The Best Endings To A Football Game We've Ever Seen

Sports | David Hookstead

It was incredible

MLK's Niece Defends Trump Against Racist Accusations

Politics | Nick Givas

‘African-Americans are benefiting’

Here's What The GOP Will Face In 2018, According To Dave Brat

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

‘War out there’

WATCH: Thousands Told To Evacuate Ahead Of Volcanic Eruption In Philippines

Video | Anders Hagstrom

‘It’s just starting’

Maxine Waters: Republicans Will All 'Pay A Price' For Not Being Against Trump

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Yes, they’re in hiding.’

Police Officer Saves Choking Baby At Chick-Fil-A

US | Henry Rodgers
A franchise sign is seen above a Chick-fil-A freestanding restaurant after its grand opening in Midtown, New York October 3, 2015. REUTERS/Rashid Umar Abbasi

‘What he was meant to do’