Stephanie Ruhle Accuses Sean Hannity Of Dark Agenda After Mocking His Appearance On Fox & Friends

Politics | Nick Givas

‘There’s an agenda here, discredit Robert Mueller.’

Herm Edwards Zipping Around In A Fighter Jet Is Majestic To Watch

Sports | David Hookstead

It’s a great video

Broadway Stars Team-Up For A March For Our Lives Song For Gun-Control

Entertainment | Ford Springer

A portion of proceeds will go to the gun-control march

Meghan McCain Makes Cory Booker Squirm By Asking About Hillary

Media | Justin Caruso

He TOTALLY avoids the question.

Floyd Mayweather Says He'll Apply To Get Licensed As A Pro MMA Fighter

Sports | David Hookstead

He could make a lot of money

'Westworld' Creators Have A Plan To Mess With Fans In The Second Season

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Let’s go!

Hannity Hammers Hillary For 'Biggest Abuse Of Power In The History Of This Country'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Hillary Clinton bought and paid for what turned out to be Russian lies’

Former Trump Adviser Warns The President To Stay Away From Bob Mueller And To Lawyer Up

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Going to be a situation fraught with peril’

Alan Dershowitz May Have Brought The House Down On James Comey And Andrew McCabe

Politics | Nick Givas

‘One of them is not telling the truth’

MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Slobbers Over Bob Mueller And Hails Him As An 'American Patriot'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘He’s neither a Republican nor a Democrat’

Chuck Grassley Gives The Green Light To Call Out China For Currency Manipulation

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Cheating on their currency’

Father Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Alien Makes California Look Silly In Under Three Minutes

Politics | Nick Givas

‘When it comes to anything to do with illegal aliens, the law is irrelevant’

Celebrate Bruce Willis' Birthday With His Top 10 Movies Of All Time

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

Happy Birthday Bruce!

Liberal CNN Commentator -- Hillary 'Continues To Divide And Malign People'

Media | Justin Caruso

‘We should not criticize the voters’

Jeff Flake: 'Horrible Day For Democracy' Because McCabe Was Fired

Media | Justin Caruso

Do you agree?

Ben Shapiro Gets Phone Call While Live On CNN

Media | Justin Caruso

Ring Ring Ring

Ben Shapiro Straight Up Calls Out CNN's Gun Coverage To Brian Stelter's Face

Media | Justin Caruso


Rand Paul Had Some Strong Words For Andrew McCabe And He Even Invoked General Mike Flynn

Politics | Justin Caruso

‘I really think General Flynn was treated unfairly’

CUT THE SCHIFF: Adam Schiff Comes Clean And Makes A Surprising Admission On McCabe Firing

Politics | Amber Randall

‘There’s no way for us to know’

Gowdy Brings The Heat Against Trump's Lawyers, As Calls For Mueller's Dismissal Mount

Politics | Kevin Daley

‘The president’s attorney does him a disservice ‘

Democratic Challenger Laughs And Agrees When Bill Maher Calls Ted Cruz An 'Asshole'

Politics | Scott Morefield

“Well, don’t forget he’s a giant asshole.”

Hillary Clinton Falls Again, This Time She Goes To The Hospital

Politics | Justin Caruso
Hillary Clinton (Getty Images)

She slipped in the bath

WATCH: College Students Fret About 'Cultural Appropriation' On St. Patrick's Day

Education | Justin Caruso


Flake: Republicans 'Might Not Deserve To Lead'

Politics | Thomas Phippen

‘Never has a party abandoned its principles … so quickly’

The Trailer For 'Avengers: Infinity War' Is Awesome, Get Hyped!

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Will you be seeing it?

‘Far Worse Than David Duke’ — Alan Dershowitz Slams Democrats For Farrakhan Ties

Media | Justin Caruso

‘It should be the end of the career of any Democrat…’

Ladies Of CNN Rush In To Defend Sanders And Conway But Is It Too Little To Late?

Politics | Nick Givas

‘I don’t think that’s fair’

It Was Literally Raining Gold In Russia After Bars Fell From Above

Video | Anders Hagstrom

Precious debris strewn over 10 miles

Danny Masterson's Replacement On 'The Ranch' Has Been Announced

Entertainment | David Hookstead

What do you think about the pick?

'Morning Joe' Praying For Stormy Daniels To Blow Trump Out Of The White House

Politics | Nick Givas

‘That will bring down this presidency’

Jim Himes And His Hipster Glasses Think Obama Should Share The Blame For Russia

Politics | Nick Givas

‘I level that criticism at the previous administration as well’

Sean Hannity: Shep Smith Is 'Clueless' About What I Do

Media | Justin Caruso
Smith Hannity Left: Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images Right: Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Drama at Fox News?

Ryan Zinke Fires Back At Dem Lawmaker Who Insulted Navy SEALs' Intelligence

Energy | Michael Bastasch

‘I take offense about your derogatory comment’

The View Debates: Do Conservative Women Have Better Sex?

Media | Justin Caruso

What do you think?

BREAKING: Five-Day-Old Pedestrian Bridge Collapses On Florida Campus, Fatalities Reported

US | Henry Rodgers

People trapped under bridge

Man Dressed As Elsa From Frozen Causes Disturbance During Snowstorm

US | Gabrielle Okun

‘Let him go!’

Transgender Person Identifying As A Man Stars In A Menstrual Cycle Commercial

Video | Grace Carr

‘First step to normalising periods within society’

Nancy Pelosi Insists DREAMers Are The 'Pride' Of The United States

Politics | Amber Athey

Adam Schiff Gets Cold Feet On Russia, Loses Confidence In Mueller

Politics | Nick Givas

‘We can’t simply rely on Bob Mueller’

'Truth Abuse' -- CNN's Chris Cuomo Nearly Breaks His Back Trying To Avoid Calling Trump A Liar

Media | Amber Athey
'Very comfortable'

Kudlow Already Crusading For Lower Corporate Tax Rate And That's Just For Starters

Politics | Nick Givas

‘I want 15 percent corporate rate’

Kudlow Crashes White House Party And Stuart Varney Couldn't Be Happier

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Larry Kudlow is a good man, case closed’

Scarborough Loses Filter Again And Randomly Mentions Seth Rich Murder

Politics | Nick Givas

‘This is going to shock you’

Floyd Mayweather Will Start Training In MMA 'Soon'

Sports | David Hookstead

Let’s go!

CNN Celebrates Special Election Results As They Pray For A Blue Wave In November

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Democrats are motivated and Republicans are depressed and swing voters are swinging against Trump’

FBI Executive Admits They Failed To Follow Up On An 'Explicit' Parkland Shooter Threat

US | Amber Athey
'I do not know why the call taker did not do so'

Border Patrol Agent: A Wall Would Make It Easier For Us To Do Our Jobs

Politics | Nick Givas

‘It’s easy to prove that walls work’

California's Governor Criticizes The Wall -- Trump's Answer Wrecks Him

Politics | Benny Johnson
 California has one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

Watch Devin Nunes Absolve Trump, But Guess Who Has Some Splainin' To Do

Politics | Nick Givas

‘We did find clear links between the Russians and the Hillary Clinton campaign’

'Villain Explaining His Plan' -- Ben Shapiro Slams Abortion Doctor For SICKENING Tweet

Media | Justin Caruso
Ben Shapiro The Daily Wire Youtube screenshot