LeSean McCoy Outright Disrespects The National Anthem [VIDEO]

US | Robert Donachie

‘Our president is a a******’

Stevie Wonder Takes Both Knees 'For America' During Charity Concert

US | Amber Athey
'Both knees in prayer for our planet'

Ravens, Jaguars Players Kneel For US National Anthem At London Game

Sports | Amber Athey
But they all stood for the British anthem, God Save The Queen

CNN: Trump's Attacks On Athletes Were 'Racial'

Politics | Heather Hunter
'He didn't criticize Tom Brady'

MSNBC Contributor Compares Alabama Senate Candidates To Ku Klux Klan

Politics | Chuck Ross
'Like deciding between the Ku Klux and the Klan'

Anthony Scaramucci Slams Steve Bannon And Reince Priebus During 'View'

Media | Katie Jerkovich

‘He had a little bit of a messianic complex’

Jimmy Kimmel Praises 'Hero' McCain For Rejecting The Graham-Cassidy Health Bill

Health | Amber Athey
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
What a time to be alive

Watch Johnny Depp In Latest 'Murder On The Orient Express' Trailer

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It looks interesting

If Republicans Don't Fix Obamacare Quickly, Single-Payer Is Coming, Fox News Guest Warns

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Republicans actually should be worried about single payer’

Hey General, How Are We Doing Against ISIS Now That Trump Is In Office?

World | Saagar Enjeti
A pair of Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft fly in formation June, 7, 2014 over Kansas. The aircraft, assigned to the 188th Fighter Wing, Ebbing Air National Guard Base, Fort Smith, Ark., were the final two A-10s to depart Fort Smith as the 188th FW transitions from a fighter mission to an intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance/remotely piloted aircraft mission. (DOD photo/Senior Airman Sierra Dopfel)

Status update

VIDEO: Throwback Thursday Just Got Better With Samantha Hoops SI Shoot

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

The Smoke Room

Oh my…

Geraldo: Trump's Approval Ratings Are Up Because He Shows 'Leadership And Compassion'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Strength and reason and steadiness’

Watch: 'Morning Joe's' Mika Can't Handle Video Of Trump

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Oh my God. Stop, stop’

'That's Not Happening'--Spicer Is Not Apologizing For His Time In The White House

Politics | Amber Athey
'They think that everything we did was wrong'

Kimmel's Funnyman Act Turns Dark As He Threatens Fox News Host

Entertainment | Amber Athey
He's such a compassionate guy

Sen. Jeff Flake Dismisses Poll Numbers That Show Him Losing In Primary Race

Politics | Nick Givas

‘I think I’ll stay where I am’

We Have Another Model On The Outdoor Shower Train

Entertainment | David Hookstead

The Smoke Room

The roster is growing

'He's An American Citizen!'--CNN Anchor Defends 'Comedian' Kimmel Talking About Health Care

Politics | Amber Athey
That's an...interesting defense

Ben Shapiro: Berkeley 'Returning To Its Senses' With Police Enforcement [VIDEO]

Education | Rob Shimshock
Ben Shapiro speaks at Young America Foundation's 2016 Reagan Ranch High School Conference (Photo Credit: YouTube/YAFTV)

‘If you need to arrest people,¬†arrest people’

If Your Name Is Nancy Pelosi, You Probably Won't Want To Watch This

Politics | Peter Hasson

‘This is what it looks like when…’

The Ladies Of 'Double Take' Demolish The New Partnership Between Planned Parenthood And OK Cupid

US | Amber Athey

‘Planned Parenthood is shilling for their business–a sick business’

A Former SNL Cast Member Wasn't Thrilled With The Show's Hyper Focus On Politics

US | Amber Athey
'Not necessarily my favorite'

CNN's Jim Sciutto Isn't A Fan Of....National Sovereignty?

Politics | Peter Hasson

‘This is a favorite expression of authoritarian leaders…’

'Aunty' Maxine Waters Crashes EULOGY And Starts Rambling About Impeaching Trump

Politics | Amber Athey
'Impeach 45 everyday '

Laura Ingraham: We're Creating A Generation Of Entitled Illegal Immigrants

Politics | Nick Givas

‘They don’t respect the borders of our country’

'He Doesn't Understand'--Sen. Cassidy Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Calling Him A Liar

Politics | Amber Athey
'More people would have coverage'

'Rocket Man' Is Catching On--Nikki Haley Says Other World Leaders Are Now Using The Nickname

Politics | Amber Athey
'It worked'

Today In Media Pokes Fun At Hurt Feelings Over Trump Golf Gif

US | Will Ricciardella

Who will take the top spot for the most inane comment?

The Motto Of US Forces In Korea Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Trump's Deadly Promise

Video | Ryan Pickrell

‘Fight tonight’

Dem Sen. Suggests RUSSIA To Blame For DREAMers Protesting Pelosi

Politics | Peter Hasson

‘What we know we know about the Russians…’

Bill De Blasio Creates Special Holiday Just For 'Morning Joe'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Saw something I never saw before’

WATCH: Russian Military Helicopter Accidentally Fires Missiles At Journalists

World | Jonah Bennett
Russian Helicopters

One source said the missiles fired on their own in technical glitch.

Chris Christie Throws Mika Off Her Game With 'Odd Attraction' Comment

Politics | Nick Givas

‘He went there’

Joe Scarborough Just Provided Us With Another Disturbing Image Of His Relationship With Mika

US | Amber Athey
'Like cats...'

Trump Warns US May 'Have No Choice But To Destroy North Korea' In First UN Speech

Video | Ryan Pickrell

‘Rocket man is on a suicide mission’

Here Are The Top 10 Greatest 'Morning Joe' Moments In Honor Of Its 10th Anniversary

US | Jack Crowe

Conniptions, rants, and on screen battles

'An EMBARRASSMENT To The United States'--Trump Goes Nuclear On Iran Deal

Politics | Amber Athey
'One of the worst and most one-sided deals'

Laura Ingraham On Her New Fox Show: 'It's A Great Privilege'

US | Amber Athey
'I intend to work really hard'

WATCH: Rand Paul Explains Why He Won't Vote For The Graham-Cassidy Bill

Politics | Amber Athey
'I've supported every repeal but...'

Sinkhole Causes Part Of Florida Home To Collapse

US | Gabrielle Okun

Unclear if Hurricane Irma caused the sinkhole

I Couldn't Be More Excited For Netflix's Upcoming Show 'Mindhunter'

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It looks awesome

Protester Game Day: Clowns Team Up With Antifa [VIDEO]

US | Henry Rodgers

‘F*** antifa!’

The Daily Caller Reports: The Emmys, Dem Corruption, And Trump's Mean Memes

| Richie McGinniss
Sean Spicer (Getty Images)


United Nations' Budget 'A Tax On The United States,' Says Former UN Ambassador

Politics | Nick Givas

‘I speak from 25 years experience’

Pollster: Republicans Need To Start Keeping Campaign Promises Or Lose Trump's Base In 2018

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

‘Warning shot’

Cue Overreactions To Trump Golf GIF--Hillary Aide Thinks It 'Promotes Violence Against Women'

Politics | Amber Athey
'It's appalling'

Bill O'Reilly's Team Is About To Launch A Counterattack Against His Accusers -- DETAILS...

Politics | Amber Athey
'This was a political hit job'

GOP Rep Guesses North Korea Is Gunning For Their Own Iran Deal

Politics | Amber Athey
'North Korea has been paying attention'

Stephen Colbert Attacks Trump, Sean Spicer Mocks Himself During Emmys

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

‘So, in a way this is all your fault’

Don't Worry Everybody--Sen. Dianne Feinstein Went To Catholic School

US | Amber Athey
Here's her defense for questioning Amy Barrett's Catholic faith