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Pro-war politician of fortune Al Franken, who pimped out his own infant grandson for campaign contributions earlier this year, was once an unfunny comedian with bit parts on "Saturday Night Live." He has been elected to the U.S. Senate twice by the same people who elected professional wrestler and noted conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura as governor. How can a guy with this background be such a fundamental stick in the mud? Probably, it's all that cocaine use. Let that be a lesson, kiddos! (Photo: Getty Images/Mark Wilson)

‘I shouldn’t have done it’

The Raiders Hype Video For Las Vegas Will Have You Running Through A Wall

Sports | David Hookstead

It’s awesome

Ben Affleck Now Thinks It's Important To Support Women After Covering For Harvey Weinstein

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Very hypocritical

Father Bumps Into Abducted Son At The Mall Nine Months After He Was Taken

Video | Gabrielle Okun

Charged with trafficking children

Paige VanZant Looks To Be In Outstanding Fighting Form During Practice

Sports | David Hookstead

When will she return?

What Do Planned Parenthood And Al Franken Have In Common? They're Both In Big Trouble

Video | Amber Athey

It’s not going to be pretty

Grandpa Knocks Out Young Punk With One Punch

Video | Liam Clancy

That’s old man strength for you…

Minister Who Defended Roy Moore Goes OFF On The Media

Politics | Henry Rodgers

‘Frothing at the mouth’

Ben Simmons' Plan Of Partying Before A Game Worked Out Pretty Well

Sports | David Hookstead

It was an impressive display of talent

SI Swimsuit Releases Sizzling Hot Video From The Photo Shoot In Belize

Entertainment | Ford Springer

The Smoke Room

Holy smokes…

'SEAL Team' Is Cementing Itself As One Of The Best Shows On TV

Entertainment | David Hookstead

You should be watching

Democratic Sen. Menendez Bawls Like A Baby After Hung Jury Causes Mistrial

US | Amber Athey
'I love you so much...'

10 Inches! Doctor Surprised By Strange Parasites Found Inside North Korean Soldier

Video | Ryan Pickrell

‘I haven’t seen them in my 20 years as a doctor’

Al Franken Accused Of Sexual Assault--'The View' Makes It About Trump

Media | Amber Athey
'What about Trump!'

TheDC Newsroom: Trump Saves UCLA Players, Will He Address Roy Moore Allegations?

Video | Justin Caruso

Featuring Alex Pfieffer and David Hookstead

Natasha Henstridge Claims Weinstein Pulled A Louis CK On Her

Entertainment | Ford Springer

Allegations continue to come out against the Hollywood executive

Roy Moore's Lawyer Brings Up Muslim MSNBC Host's Background To Try To Justify Moore

Media | Justin Caruso

This interview is a trainwreck…

CNN Commentator: 'Needy' Trump Needs 'Psychological Analyst'

Media | Justin Caruso

‘very needy when it comes to appreciation and praise…’

CNN's BREAKING NEWS: Dog's Ear Kind Of Looks Like Trump

Media | Amber Athey
No, really

Kyrie Irving Pays Respect To Veterans Sitting Courtside At Celtics Game

Sports | Ford Springer

Kyrie loves the troops

The 'American Horror Story: Cult' Finale Was Absolutely Awful

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Not good at all

Stop Pretending This Model Is Good At Basketball Just Because She's Attractive

Sports | David Hookstead

It doesn’t make sense

The Mainstream Media Looks More Like Hollywood Everyday

Entertainment | Nick Givas

Makeup, ego, bias, and dirty secrets

Here's Why Are Feminists Are Already Mad About 'Justice League'

Video | Amber Athey

Let’s break it down

Here Is Video Of LiAngelo Ball With His UCLA Teammates Leaving China

Sports | David Hookstead

They’re coming home

Chinese Farmer Builds House Out Of 30,000 Corn Cobs

Video | Gabrielle Okun

A designer to help out

Jon Stewart Wants People Know Hollywood Isn't Full Of Abusers

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It’s not a good time for Hollywood

Watch The Rock In New 'Jumanji 2' Trailer

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Will you watch the movie?

Sound The Alarm - Paige VanZant's Back Looks Like It's Doing Just Fine

Sports | David Hookstead

Is it too early to get hyped?

'I Hope They Get What's Due'--Juanita Broaddrick BURIES Clintons, Chelsea Handler

US | Amber Athey
'All victims matter'

Committee Chair Silences Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee After She BULLIES AG Sessions

Politics | Amber Athey
'He keeps saying 'I do not recall'"

Sen. Chris Murphy Thinks Trump Is So 'Unstable' He May Use Nukes

Politics | Amber Athey
Oh boy

Jim Brown Changes His Stance On National Anthem Protests

Sports | Ford Springer

‘It’s fine with me’

Sports Illustrated Releases Its First 'Midi Model' - Find Out What That Means

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It doesn’t make a ton of sense

Jake Tapper Gets Cartoonish On 'Today In Media'

Video | Julia Nista

Jake Tapper’s cartoons hold the keys to conspiracy theories

Joe And Mika Had A Donald Trump Impersonator At Their Engagement Party

Media | Amber Athey
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski arrive for the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington April 25, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
'The fake news is at it again'

The Cavs Think They're 'Real Citizens' After Riding Subway Once

Sports | Ford Springer

‘Traveling like a real citizen, man’

Paul Finebaum Awkwardly Dances Wearing The U's Turnover Chain

Sports | David Hookstead

What is he doing?

Start Your Monday With This Blonde Model's Bikini Video

Entertainment | Ford Springer

The Smoke Room

A bikini and a captain’s hat is an amazing combo

John Kasich Was Dumb Enough To Sit Down For An Interview With Us — BASED

Satire | Dave Brooks

‘The AR-15 is in fact dangerous and must be banned’

Shelby Steele On Liberalism And Race Issues In America

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

‘Biggest threat to our culture’

'Vice Principals' Rides Off Into The Sunset After Two Great Seasons

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It was a fun ride

'I Would Say Those Things Again'--Biden Stands By Controversial 2012 'Chains' Remark

Politics | Amber Athey
'It's always appropriate to disagree'

Hannity Interview Was 'Catastrophic' For Roy Moore, Says NYT Reporter

Politics | Amber Athey
'That did not look good'

'Worst Candidate In American History': Man Blows Up CNN Panel Over Joe Biden Speculation

Media | Justin Caruso

‘He is a terrible candidate for president, but he is great copy’

Texas Shooting Church Turned Into Memorial For Victims

US | Joshua Gill

‘Everyone who walks in there will know’

Biden Says He Wouldn't Have Stepped In For A Sick Hillary

Politics | Amber Athey
'I was for Hillary'

Should Instagram Delete This Insane Rosanna Arkle Behind The Scenes Preview?

Entertainment | David Hookstead

The Smoke Room

It’s out of control

There Is Already A Preview For Season Five Of 'The Last Ship'

Entertainment | David Hookstead

It looks outstanding

CNN's Jake Tapper Narrates Cartoon About Trump And Conspiracy Theories, Aliens

Media | Justin Caruso

Ben Carson makes an appearance

CNN Guest Floats Idea: Moore Should Step Down, Jeff Sessions Should Run Again

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Stranger things have happened’