Student Loan Purchase Programs Under the Ensuring Continued Access to Student Loans Act of 2008

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December 15, 2009

Jason Delisle

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In May of 2008, Congress passed the Ensuring Continued Access to Student Loans Act (ECASLA) in response to concern that credit market conditions could disrupt federal student loan availability. The law gives the U.S. Department of Education temporary authority to purchase federally backed student loans made by private lenders, effectively providing a secondary market for the loans. Congress opted to leave the new purchase authority largely undefined in statute, giving the Department considerable discretion to design and administer it.

To date, the Department has created four separate loan purchase arrangements under ECASLA: a put option; a short-term purchase program; a financing arrangement; and an asset-backed commercial paper support program. This issue brief provides a detailed description of these arrangements and has been updated with new information since originally published in January 2009.

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Student Loan Purchase Programs Under ECASLA 2008 (10pp, PDF)