A look at the experts shaping airline security

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The Associated Press spoke with a group of aviation security experts about how they would design change airline security in the United States. They include:

— Philip Baum is editor of the London-based magazine Aviation Security International. He is also managing director of Green Light Limited, which provides training on aviation security.

— Ehud Givon is CEO of the Israeli-based WeCU Technologies, which has devised a system that combines high-tech with behavioral technology to try and catch terrorists.

— Michael Goldberg is president of New York-based IDO Security Inc., which developed a shoe-screening device called the MagShoe. He once worked as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia.

— Jim Harper is the director of information policy studies at the Cato Institute, a free-market oriented think tank in Washington, D.C. He also sits on the Department of Homeland Security’s Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.

— Rafi Ron is the former security director at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. Following the 9/11 attacks, Ron has served as security consultant at Boston’s Logan International Airport.