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There’s a lot of stuff at the Daily Caller besides this blog, y’know

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Which hurts my ego, but this raw-nicotine I.V. that Tucker just hooked me up to is helping. Here’s a partial list of all the awesomeness at the Daily Caller on opening day:

  • Tucker’s first story for the site is about serial gatecrasher Carlos Allen. My suggested headline was Dude, Where’s My Carlos?, but I forgot that my co-workers are professionals.
  • Have you ever wanted to know what Matt Labash thinks about a particular subject? Then you should probably Ask Matt Labash.
  • S.E. Cupp is letting you read her diary. No, there’s nothing in there about you. It ain’t gonna happen, friend.
  • Andrew Breitbart takes a break from tripping up the Powers That Be from his spare bedroom to say hello.
  • Jon Ward, fresh from his stint at the Daily Planet, fills us in on Harry Reid’s latest troubles. A cliché about made beds comes to mind …
  • Alex Pappas is a reporter who moved from Alabama to work here. The last story he filed for the Mobile Press-Register was about the city’s Christmas parade. Now he’s doing stuff like this. Slightly different.
  • Aleksandra Kulczuga writes: “Seattle-Tacoma International Airport officials recently interrogated and handcuffed Army Green Beret-turned-reporter Michael Yon because he refused to tell them how much money he makes.” Do you want to know why? I sure do!

And there’s a whole bunch of other stuff you should check out. You should read everything on the site. You should stay at the Daily Caller all day and click on every single link you see. Then start over and do it all again. You are allowed to sleep briefly, if necessary. Is this going to be a problem?

Jim Treacher