Canseco says McGwire still lying

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Jose Canseco says Mark McGwire is still lying about his use of steroids and his former manager Tony La Russa isn’t telling the truth either.

McGwire admitted Monday that he used steroids for a decade, including when he hit 70 homers in 1998, but denied Canseco’s claims that he injected himself and McGwire with steroids in bathroom stalls.

Canseco told ESPN 1000 radio in Chicago that it was “ironic and strange” that McGwire was calling him a liar again. Canseco also said he passed a polygraph test and challenged McGwire to take one on national TV.

Canseco also disputed La Russa’s assertion he didn’t know about McGwire’s steroids use until the slugger called him Monday, calling it “a blatant lie.”