The nation’s weather

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Storm clouds were expected to gather in the northern Gulf of Mexico on Friday as low pressure began to develop off the coast of Texas.

Low pressue was forecast to strengthen throughout the day, producing rain along the coast from Texas to the Florida Panhandle. Gusty winds could develop in the same region. The storm was forecast to move eastward overnight and begin a trek up the East Coast. It was expected to move into the ocean over the weekend.

A second storm was forecast Friday in the Northwest. A Pacific low pressue system was expected to move into the region near the Olympic Peninsula and bring heavy rain as it moved inland. The storm is anticipated to affect coastal Washington and bring heavy snowfall to the coastal mountain ranges. Rain was expected to spread into Oregon by midday.

Elsewhere, precipitation chances were relatively small. High pressure centered over the Great Basin was forecast to keep skies generally clear through the Rockies. While the western High Plains were expected to see partially overcast skies, no rain or snow was expected to accompany the clouds.

Some cloud cover was expected in the Northeast, especially near the Great Lakes. With the exception of a few mountain snow flurries in New England, precipitation wasn’t expected.

On Thursday, temperatures in the Lower 48 states ranged from a low of negative 13 degrees at Berlin, N.H., to a high of 78 degrees at Lake Forest, Calif.