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There is no disaster so horrific that it cannot be used to justify one's pet project

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That’s true whether you’re on the left, the right, or whoever is willing to claim this guy.

Olbermann: I don’t want to turn this into something about domestic politics, but I think it’s a good frame of reference in terms of the health care issue that we always talk about. We could easily have a natural disaster, if not quite on this scale, at least in the same broad ballpark. A slightly heavier earthquake in California could do extraordinary devastation to San Francisco or Los Angeles. I was thinking about this, and maybe it’s inappropriate — and tell me if I’m inappropriate in asking — but how would survivors of something like this here fare, in terms of getting on their own feet economically afterwards, with the health care system we have in place right now?

I agree with every single word he said except “maybe.” Oh, and “thinking.”

Haiti doesn’t have a coverage problem. It has an infrastructure problem. If there’s an earthquake in the U.S. and you have to go to the hospital, they’ll treat you whether you have health insurance or not. If there’s an earthquake in Haiti, you might not even have a hospital anywhere nearby. Would you rather be alive but in debt, or dead but dead?

One surefire way to avoid turning a natural disaster into something about domestic politics is to avoid turning a natural disaster into something about domestic politics.

Do the Olby:

  1. Furrow brow
  2. Purr terms you don’t really understand, like “frame of reference”
  3. Regurgitate whatever’s on Daily Kos today
  4. Repeat

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Jim Treacher