Muslim world missing from Haitian aid

Jamie Allman Contributor
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Thank goodness President Barack Obama told the world last June that the United States could be seen as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” If it weren’t for that declaration there wouldn’t be one Muslim country helping out in Haiti.

So Iran has its version of the Red Cross sending humanitarian aid to Haiti. But what Islamic country’s government has rushed to the aid of the suffering in Haiti?
It wouldn’t be such a big deal had we not had to hear President Obama traveling around the world for eleven months apologizing for our shortcomings and even denying we are a Christian nation. And it wouldn’t be so bad of we didn’t have to hear about the virtues of Islam every time a jihadist incinerates scores of (fill in the blank).

But so far the list of countries sending aid to Haiti, and I’m talking governments not relief agencies, is devoid of an Islamic country.

Iceland is sending aid. So is Togo.

Where is Saudi Arabia? Where is Turkey? Where is Yemen? Where is Dubai? Where is Iraq?

Syria is a no-show too. Maybe instead of asking Assad what’s on his iPod, the mainstreamers can ask him where his Haiti contribution is.
Did Haiti offend a Muslim country in some way other than simply by not being Muslim?

Heck, the Haitian government doesn’t even like the U.S. and we’re sending $100 million.

I have another creative idea for that Danish cartoonist: Draw a desperate Haitian desperately scribbling a cartoon of Mohammed. The cutline: “Maybe now they will pay attention. I might even get kidnapped.”

Jamie Allman is host of “Allman In The Morning: Common Sense Radio” on 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis. He is a 14-time local-television Emmy winner in investigative and political reporting and a multiple Edward R. Murrow Award winner.