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Coakley concedes

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The Scott Heard ‘Round the World.

Concession speech:

  • “I told him, Mr. Brown, you’ve got two lovely daughters.”
  • Still fighting, etc.
  • Seriously. Kirsten Wiig, please review this tape.
  • “There are at least two dogs who will be happy about tonight’s results.” Relax, this probably isn’t a shot at the Scott daughters.
  • “You’ve in some ways become an extended family to me.”
  • Some guy just yelled really loud. Howard Dean?
  • She’s thanking Obama. Weird.
  • She’s seen the anger about health care, two wars, insulting Red Sox fans…
  • Olbermann still has all his hair. And all his skull.
  • “I have not seen an election like this.” — Karl Rove
Jim Treacher