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That’s what the site should be called today. Throughout the day I’m going to update this post with links to stories on the Massachusettes Massachusetts race from The Daily Caller and elsewhere. I’m also trying to think of “Scott Brown nude” jokes. It’s going to be a busy day.

I think I’ll go with newest items first. You don’t mind, do you?

  • Coakley concedes. The Scott Heard ‘Round the World.
  • Is Hot Air down? I think Hot Air is down.
  • Live stream of Brown HQ.
  • Steyn: “I dunno who Scott Brown’s writer is, but if Obama wanted to do himself a favor he’d hire the guy.”
  • You don’t need an Evan Bayh to know which way the wind blows, but here he is anyway: “If you lose Massachusetts and that’s not a wake-up call, there’s no hope of waking up.” But wait… how did Bayh vote on health care? Oh yeah.
  • Steve Hayes’ beard continues to be astonishing.
  • The Coakley campaign is now claiming election tampering. Next step: Pointing out it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair; stamping feet.
  • Tucker Mr. Carlson gives us another front-runner for quote of the day, from pollster Frank Luntz: “I never dreamed I’d see Democrats in Massachusetts embarrassed to admit they’re Democrats.”
  • Patterico has a good round-up, including what he calls the quote of the day from Slate: “Unbelievable. The leader of the free world is talking about my truck.” Hint: It wasn’t Keith Olbermann.
  • Matt Welch looks at pro-Coakley bias at the… New York Times? That must be a typo or something. And at the same link, Reason‘s Michael Moynihan is interviewed in Boston: “I don’t know what state I’m in… I got off a plane and they told me I was in Massachusetts, but I can’t actually believe it right now.”
  • Aleksandra Kulczuga has a whole bunch of Brown and Coakley campaign ads for your viewing pleasure. No, none of these are SNL parodies. Honest! Although I’ll bet Kirsten Wiig could do a mean Martha Coakley…
  • If you’re even older than I am, you’ll understand why the headline probably should’ve been “The Hunky-Coakley Report.” Get it? There’s really no reason you should.
  • CNN.com‘s latest poll, as of about 4:30 EST: “The Senate race in Massachusetts: A referendum on health care reform?” Yes: 69%, No: 31%. Too close to call.
  • “In Scott Brown we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.” Guess who? Hint: Not so good at getting into a subway car.
  • Harry Reid wants you to think he won’t be able to swear in Scott Brown even if he wants to, because Biden’s not around to… do whatever you’d need a Biden to do. Oh wait, he’s the Vice President of the United States of America and the President of the Senate, isn’t he? (How did that happen?) So that’s why Reid is trying to say Brown can’t be sworn in without ol’ Joe. Ehhhhh, not so much.
  • Jon Ward: “Democrats were coalescing Tuesday around a plan to force the Senate’s version of health-care reform through the House if Republican Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts Senate seat.” The rules only count if you don’t need to break them to get what you want.
  • Jules Crittenden looks at this election and it reminds him of… the Sex Pistols?? Oh, that Jules!
  • You know what’s ridiculous? Clowns. Also, the fact that CNN.com doesn’t have anything about the Brown/Coakley race on their front page. Not that Haiti isn’t important, but so is this. Isn’t it? Wait, they do have a poll: “Who will win Tuesday’s U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts?” Right now Brown is taking it by 12 points.
  • Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey looks at Coakley’s failure to follow a lot of really basic campaigning techniques (such as, say, not showing utter contempt for your constituents) and says: “This underscores the impression that everyone has of the Coakley campaign — that she folded her tents after beating Michael Capuano in the primaries, just assuming that the Democrat would win the seat. It’s the height of arrogance, and in this case, ignorance as well.” But, as Ed notes, there will be plenty of blame to go around if Coakley loses.
  • According to Gateway Pundit, The Washington Post‘s Sally Quinn has figured out Scott Brown’s, ahem, rise in the polls: “First of all, Scott Brown is a hunk. And, I think that the fact that he posed semi-nude for a magazine gave him a huge advantage in public recognition.” Wait, whaaaaat? Who would vote for a guy just because he has a handsome face and looks halfway-decent without his shirt on? Give people more credit than that, Sally. People care about the abs. I mean issues. People care about the issues.
  • Our own Jon Ward takes a break from foiling Lex Luthor’s latest scheme to explain that this race isn’t just a referendum on ObamaCare. It is about that, but it’s not just about that. Whole lotta shakeup going on. Short version: People don’t like what’s been happening, and they don’t trust the people who are doing it. Even in Massachusetts.
  • The Washington Times reports that the biggest bookmaker in Ireland is already paying off people who’ve bet on Brown to win. The bookmaker’s name is Paddy Power. Which is also what I call my main source of strength. That and grain alcohol. Pardon the redundancy.
  • Mike Allen at Politico says that President Obama plans a “combative response” if Brown wins. Why not? That approach has been working great so far. Hasn’t alienated anybody at all.
Jim Treacher