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What can Brown do for you?

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I had a Coakley primer yesterday, so it’s only fair that I type one up for Brown. Here’s everything I know about him so far:

This was back in 1982, so I don’t know what sort of ab work he’s been doing since then. Pecs? Lats? Biceps? Triceps? He’s keeping it all under wraps. So much for transparency! But even if he doesn’t look exactly like that anymore, if elected he’d be the sexiest shirtless Massachusetts senator since that other guy.

Is it wrong to want some quid pro quo from Coakley? She looks like she’s been keeping it together. More like Cougarley! And at this point, could it really hurt her campaign if she showed us what she’s got? Not unless her whole body is tattooed with Yankees logos. But I guess at this point we can’t really rule that out.

Jim Treacher