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If you live in Massachusetts and you didn't vote for Martha Coakley, you hate women

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Hey, it’s not me saying that. It’s Boston Globe columnist James Carroll, writing at the Daily Beast. He tells you the truths you’re not willing to admit about yourself, you misogynist:

That the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy lost to the Republican non-entity Scott Brown is a moment of reckoning for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The current discontents do not explain this staggering defeat. Tea-baggers, disgruntled independents, an electorate made weary and confused by the health-care debate, the unemployed pissed-off, anti-establishment nay-sayers—add it all up and you still don’t have the explanation for what happened. The short of it is that the most liberal state in the nation (“Don’t blame me,” we crowed when we alone went for George McGovern in 1972, “I’m from Massachusetts”) practices the politics of misogyny. When it comes to positions of real power, no women need apply. Martha Coakley was croaked by an electorate that could not get past her gender.

Did you get all that? You can’t explain Coakley’s loss by pointing to widespread voter discontent at being labelled “teabaggers” and “evilmongers” and so forth. Her stunningly inept campaign and arrogant assumption of inevitability? Irrelevant. The health care debate really didn’t have much to do with it. Unemployment wasn’t a factor.

And it certainly couldn’t be that there’s anything about Scott Brown that people like. He’s not even an entity!

No. It’s you. You’re bad. You’re the one to blame.


‘Cause you don’t like girls.

There’s no better way to convince people you’re right than to throw a fit when they dare to disagree with you. Right, James? Right, Roger?

Mr. Carlson just saw that and said: “What a sad old guy Ebert is. A life wasted eating popcorn in the dark.” But that’s not really fair. There were also Chuckles and Junior Mints and whatnot.

Jim Treacher