Obama musical premieres in Germany

AJ Contributor
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A musical has premiered in Germany that tells the story of US President Barack Obama – set to song and dance. It’s no coincidence that the show opened in Europe, as the president’s approval ratings sink in the US.

The lyrics in “Hope – The Obama Musical Story,” which premiered over the weekend in the German city of Karlsruhe nearly one year after Obama took office, talk about the concerns of many in America as the 2008 elections approached – a stumbling economy, job losses, home foreclosures. In fact, the chorus of the song repeats the words “we’re in chaos.”

“Each person depicts a general circumstance that people found themselves in, losing their jobs, their homes. The story is about people,” Randall Hutchins, the author and composer of the musical, told Deutsche Welle.

Full story: Obama musical in Germany sets 2008 election to song | Culture & Lifestyle | Deutsche Welle | 20.01.2010.