Bill O’Reilly shocked that Palin eats the animals she shoots

AJ Contributor
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In an unintentionally humorous moment Bill O’Reilly could not help sounding awkward as he asks Sarah Palin if she, you know, actually eats the things she shoots:

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Bill: So what do you do for fun? I mean, we hear that you shoot things, you know, wolves and you are a hunter and a fisher woman and all of that. Is that what you do, outdoors stuff?

Sarah: Sure, I’m Alaskan and we eat, therefore we hunt. Yes.

Bill: Do you actually shoot things and you skin them and put them in the refrigerator and eat them later and stuff?

Sarah: We sure do. The freezer is full of that organic wild game that keeps us healthy.

Bill: Like what?

Sarah: Moose, caribou. buffalo.

Bill: You eat moose steaks?

Sarah: You need to come up there.