Scientists exaggerated impact of climate change, says British government’s chief advisor John Beddington

AJ Contributor
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The Daily Mail is reporting that the British government’s chief scientific adviser says that claims about the extent and degree of climate change have been “exaggerated” by scientists:

“Professor John Beddington also said experts should be less hostile to sceptics who question man-made global warming.

And he condemned those who refuse to publish full report data, adding that public confidence in climate science would be boosted by greater honesty about its uncertainties.”

Beddington’s comments come after revelations that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 report contained significant factual errors and failed to verify speculative claims about the rate of global warming.  The Daily Caller has previously reported on the  ‘Climategate’ investigation at Penn State and the UN IPCC report.

Full story: Scientists exaggerated impact of climate change, says Government’s chief advisor John Beddington | Mail Online