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Michael Moore mooches Michiganders' money

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The Mackinac Center:

In his 2009 film “Capitalism: A Love Story,” Michigan native Michael Moore went to Wall Street with a request to corporate officials whose companies received bailout money from the federal government.

“We’re here to get the money back for the American people,” Moore said in the film. “I’ve got more bags — $10 billion probably won’t fit in here.”

Moore was criticizing an economic system he calls “legalized greed,” but the Mackinac Center has discovered that Moore’s movie qualified for a windfall — at the expense of Michigan taxpayers.

That windfall would come from Michigan’s refundable tax credit program for the film industry, a program that allows movie producers to apply for a tax refund of up to 42 percent of their spending in Michigan. This lavish provision means a studio can easily receive more from Michigan taxpayers than it pays in Michigan taxes.

What has capitalism ever done for Michael Moore? Less and less with every film.

Moore refused Mackinac’s request for an interview. They should’ve camped out in front of his office with some goofy props. Nah, that crap doesn’t play anymore.

P.S. Moore’s cat speaks.

Jim Treacher