Scientists: Move Haiti’s capital or it will get hit again

AJ Contributor
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Professor Falk Amelung and many of his colleagues are urging Haiti’s government and international donors to consider relocating the capital, which was largely reduced to rubble by the quake. The most important infrastructure should be rebuilt at a site well away from a fault line that they believe will rupture again within the next generation or two but even closer to Port-au-Prince. “If this were a typical earthquake, the risk of future incidents would decline over the next few months,” says Tim Dixon, also a geology and geophysics professor at Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. “The stress would be relieved, and we could all go back to sleep for another 250 years,” which is about how long ago Haiti’s Enriquillo Fault last convulsed. “But that’s not the case here — our findings suggest another shoe has to drop.”

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