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Last night I got hit by a car and broke my knee

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Sometime between 7 and 7:30, not long after I got home from work, I walked to the CVS on 22nd and M to get some bread, milk, and a SmartTrip card. I was right across the street from the CVS, and I waited for the crosswalk light to tell me to go before I crossed. I had plenty of time left, according to the countdown clock. I was more than halfway there when a black SUV made an illegal left turn and hit me head-on. I absolutely had the right of way. I yelled something like, “Are you really doing this?” as it hit me before I could move. I landed on my face on the street and smashed my glasses and scraped my hand and immediately I knew something was wrong with my left knee. I lay there screaming and cursing for I don’t know how long, and a crowd of people gathered and told me to hold still. I was sprawled out right next to the yellow line as traffic went by. I gave one guy standing over me the number to the Daily Caller offices and he told them what happened. There’s a firehouse right across the street, so the paramedics were there in just a couple of minutes. They took me to Georgetown Hospital, where I was soon joined by my friends and co-workers Moira Bagley, Tucker Carlson, Neil Patel, and Laura Baños. All of whom I love. Unironically. I was x-rayed and CAT-scanned and given pain medication and told that my knee was broken. I almost passed out twice from the pain. They immobilized it, but if I tried to move it and didn’t get it exactly right, my whole leg tried to close up like a fist and I couldn’t get away from the pain. I’m typing this on Neil’s laptop on my chest on his fold-out bed in his basement and trying to move as little as possible. Now that I’ve written this out, maybe I can sleep. Sorry for the sloppiness, but I just wanted to get it out while it’s fresh in my mind.

One last thing: I’m told by multiple people that the SUV that hit me was Secret Service. If this is true, I want to know why that happened. I was crossing legally, and they just left me there. At the very least, I want an apology. What happened to me was wrong.

UPDATE 2:05pm:
The Daily Caller has been told by federal law enforcement sources that the Secret Service was not involved, and is working to confirm that driver of the vehicle which struck Jim Treacher was a State Department security employee.

UPDATE 6:44pm:
Tucker and Jon are finding out more. Your tax dollars at work.