Book review: ‘Staying True’ by Jenny Sanford

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Remember that self-help book from the 1980s, “Smart Women, Foolish Choices”? Jenny Sanford, the wife of the governor of South Carolina, called her new memoir “Staying True,” but a better title might have been, “Smart Woman, Foolish Choice.” From the very start, you want to scream to Jenny, Georgetown grad, Lazard Frères vice president: “No, don’t do it! Don’t marry the jerk!”

Let’s say your husband has run off with his Argentine mistress and then humiliated you — no, make that humiliated himself — by proclaiming that he has found his “soul mate,” and she’s not you. You could be forgiven, then, for dredging up every minor incident, exposing every annoying habit, in your memoir-cum-payback. And so Jenny Sanford did — but, boy, did she have material.

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