Jenny Sanford writes a book, The LA Times reviews it

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The LA Times reviews Jenny Sanford’s tell all memoir of her failed marriage and unsurprisingly finds that “revenge is a barely concealed subtext.”  The book has some gripping revelations about Mark Sanford, including an eye-popping section where Jenny claims her husband haggled over their wedding vows.  And it wasn’t over what words to use. He was, apparently, “reluctant to promise to be faithful.”

The Times notes the shrewd businesswoman remains from Sanford’s days as an investment banker:

Eight days after her husband’s affair came to light, Sanford took legal steps to turn her own name into a trademark. According to U.S. Patent and Trademark records first obtained and reported by NBC’s Columbia, S.C., affiliate, she applied to legally designate her name as a “good or service” (that is, a product) and to claim exclusive rights to “product merchandising to be sold at on-line retail stores featuring clothing, mugs and other household items; stickers, decals, notepads.”

Read the rest of the goods at the LA Times.

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