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This pretty much covers what we know so far about the vehicular assault on my person

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Big thanks to Scott, Liz, and Neil.

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the people standing over me as I lay in the street with a broken knee asked if there was anybody he could contact for me, and I gave him the number of the Daily Caller. I just figured he was a nice guy. I didn’t know he was the one who hit me.

I’m pretty sure none of us knew until Thursday morning, when our wonderful office manager Laura got the man’s number from the call logs, and Tucker called him back to get his eyewitness account for our first news story about it. That’s when the man, whose name is Mike McGuinn and who turns out to be an agent with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, revealed he was the one who hit me.

The police never told me who hit me. Guess they were too busy keeping the streets safe from my “jaywalking.” Well, I won’t be doing much walking of any kind for a while, officers. I sure would like to know who this eyewitness was, the one who allegedly saw me jaywalking at 26th and M at the same time I was being struck down in the street at 22nd and M. Oh, and I was jogging, supposedly. When I collided with the SUV. Because that’s what joggers do, right? They collide with vehicles, and not the other way around.

So now I’m in the hospital, and in a few hours they’re going to try to fix my knee. It is my considered opinion that my knee never should have been damaged in the first place.

To recap: I was hit by an SUV while crossing a DC street legally, the driver who hit me is a federal agent who failed to identify himself in any way, I’m about to undergo reconstructive surgery to repair the knee injury he admits he caused, and somehow I was issued a jaywalking citation whose particulars in no way match what was seen by multiple eyewitnesses.

Wednesday night I just wanted to get a few things at CVS, watch Lost on Hulu, and go to bed after a long day of work. Now it’s turned into a whole big thing.

Fine by me.

Jim Treacher