The National Organization for Women (NOW) claims domestic violence the ‘real issue’ with Tebow’s Super Bowl ad

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The National Organization for Women (NOW) just can’t seem to get enough of Pam and Tim Tebow. After several weeks of sweating over the likelihood of a “pro-life, anti-abortion” ad featuring the Tebows and sponsored by Focus on the Family, the president of NOW, Terry O’Neill, is claiming that the Super Bowl ad promotes domestic violence.

In the ad, Pam Tebow begins talking about the uncertainty of little Timmy’s entry into the world. Suddenly, she’s tackled by the Heisman Trophy winner and thrown off-screen. She immediately bounces back up and scolds her son, saying, “Timmy! I’m trying to tell our story here!”

So while the ad was meant to discourage women from having abortions, O’Neill – according to the Los Angeles Times – saw a much more dangerous message being promoted:

NOW president Terry O’Neill said it glorified violence against women. “I am blown away at the celebration of the violence against women in it,” she said. “That’s what comes across to me even more strongly than the anti-abortion message. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence, and I don’t find it charming. I think CBS should be ashamed of itself.”

As the LAT article notes, plenty of folks are baffled by NOW’s recent claim of domestic violence.:

“It’s absurd to claim that this is an endorsement of violence against women,” said Frances Kissling, former president of Catholics for Choice. “These people came across as affectionate, loving, funny and happy.”

Both the National Review Online’s blog The Corner and Washington Examiner’s Mark Hemingway poked fun O’Neill’s comments.

The Tebows’ incriminating video below: