Threat of Iran becoming more clear

Nick R. Brown Contributor
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“From this site, I vow as the leader of the Jewish state that we will never again allow the hand of evil to destroy the life of our people and the life of our state. Never again.” —Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking on Holocaust Memorial Day.

There is a coming war that you are not hearing enough about. It’s largely being ignored by American media and the impetus for doing so may be because it is being ignored by the White House. Since the inception of the new Jewish state, the United States of America has been a staunch supporter of the nation of Israel. But since the election of President Obama, the prospect of Israel remaining safe from nuclear threat has largely received only lip service by the president. During his State of the Union address, Obama said “…the international community is more united, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is more isolated. And as Iran’s leaders continue to ignore their obligations, there should be no doubt: They, too, will face growing consequences. That is a promise.” Though the actions of our president do not mirror his vows.

In the past week, it has been reported to extent that the U.S. is looking to expand its ballistic missile defense in four countries within the same region of Iran. There is only one reason that our government would be looking into this option. The White House has in fact accepted a nuclear-armed Iran. And the only actual “promise” that our president can offer us is just more words and just more speeches. It is clear by now, however, that Israel will not stand by and allow this to happen because, unlike the American President, Netanyahu is a man of action who is not merely an empty vessel pontificating at the plebeians he is forced to serve whom just don’t get it because he hasn’t made his point clear enough.

It appears that an attack by Israel up to this point has not occurred only because Netanyahu was attempting to gain the support of the American Military. With the announcement by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Iran would deliver a blow to “global arrogance” on the upcoming anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, one can only assume that Iran will unveil the completion of a ballistic nuclear missile. The truth of the matter may be that Iran has probably been six months or more ahead of the progress that they have been making public. And it has been assumed for some time that Iran would have a nuclear weapon completed in 2010. With that being the case, the coming war is probably coming soon.

Last week, speaking at a function at The Heritage Foundation, Dr. Charles Krauthammer observed:

“The only question, I think, for the Israelis now is a technical one. Can this be done?

“It will be very dangerous and difficult. For the Israeli’s it will be a very hard choice to make. Nonetheless, I find it almost impossible to believe that they will accept six million Jews living under the threat of nuclear annihilation particularly given the history of the Jewish people. I think that will trump all other considerations.”

We are likely less than 90 days from seeing the first strike, and one of the biggest questions may be who will come to Israel’s aid? Many scholars have described that we will likely not only see a response from Iran, but that Hezbollah and Hamas will be released from their shackles as well. What’s more is that Iran’s current friendliness with Russia creates grave concerns in regards to potential growing alliances. In what is a gut-wrenching acknowledgment, I do not believe that America will participate. It is my full belief that the United States under the leadership of President Obama will turn its back on Israel for the first time in either countries’ history. And it shames me that this notion is even a possibility.

Nick R. Brown is the founder of the political commentary site, thelobbyist.net.