DC on TV: Tucker Carlson on America Live and Special Report

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From health care to Iran, The Daily Caller’s editor Tucker Carlson was all over the map on Tuesday, Feb. 9. First was an appearance on “America Live with Megyn Kelly,” alongside Democrat pollster Doug Schoen. Obama says he’s reaching across the aisle to Republicans in order to find a solution to health care that works. It seems everyone, however, is unmotivated to do the same – particularly Democrats who’ve witnessed voters turning against candidates promising to support the president’s legislation:

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OnSpecial Report with Bret Baier,” the focus was Iran during a panel discussion featuring Charles Krauthammer and A.B. Stoddard . Obama said a “significant regime of sanctions” is being developed for Iran, after it announced plans to up the ante on enriching Uranium. But neither sanctions nor Obama’s personality may be enough to prevent a nuclear Iran. Knowing that Obama’s personality can’t hault Tehran is a “”moment of disillusionment” for those who thought it could:

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