DC Metro delays: Heard it through the red line

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Remember when President Barack Obama criticized DC for its reaction to snow storms?  Obviously President Obama did not have to take the Metro.  The DC blizzard may be over, but its effects are still being felt by the thousands of DC area residents who rely on Metro Rail for their daily commute. Now, thanks to Twitter, metro patrons were able to rail against the delays.

Here is a sample of what people are saying:

•   juicyfizz – – 1 minute ago
I’ve been on the metro for nearly an hour

•   seanherron – – 1 minute ago
I can’t even explain how effed up metro is right now. If govt is open, metro should work. #wmatafail

•   MegOlshefski – – 11 minutes ago
The roads seem fine, the sidewalks are manageable, and Metro is an unmitigated disaster. Welcome to the post- #snowmageddon commute. #fb

•   twwine – – 13 minutes ago

Federal government open + 20 minuter interval on metro = wmata epic failure.

•   essohhbee – – 17 minutes ago
made it to work thanks to my feet [the Metro is a joke]

•   annedougherty – – 19 minutes ago
RT @draperha: Still holding at eastern market. Single tracking? Really? It’s okay Metro, i didn’t really want to in to work today anyway …

In addition to the delays, a train derailed at the Farragut North metro stop this morning.  Luckily no injuries have been reported, but the incident did cause an indefinite suspension of services along the red line.

For those needing a distraction during the delays, The Daily Caller DJ is now playing: