Bob Beckel might, maybe, have possibly given Sean Hannity the finger

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From Hot Air:

Did he or didn’t he? Okay, it’s pretty obvious that Bob Beckel gave Sean Hannity the finger on last night’s show. What does it mean? When Barack Obama does it, he’s just scratching his face. Isn’t Beckel entitled to the same presumption?

Well, when Obama does it, he’s usually in the middle of a speech, not a debate, so the intent is somewhat more … murky. It’s hard to conclude anything from Beckel’s grade-school gesture here other than a signal of disrespect, either in jest or with some hostility, perhaps both.

It’s hardly the worst thing ever seen on television, but one has to wonder at the desire to have Beckel appear on Fox News. They have more eloquent (and attractive) liberals of both genders from which to choose for an honest debate. Has Beckel become the subtle signal to Fox audiences that they’re more interested in gladiatorial combat for a particular segment than actual, nuanced debate?

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