‘Human spiderman’ scales wall using vacuum cleaner suctions

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A British inventor, Jem Stansfield, has been labelled the “Human Fly” after impersonating Spiderman by scaling a school wall using suction from two Tesco vacuum cleaners.

The 39 year-old scientist, an aeronautics graduate, amazed onlookers when he climbed up the side of Hove Park School, East Sussex this week.

The 12-stone scientist, who presents the BBC science show “Bang Goes the Theory”, climbed 30ft up to the top of the wall and later retrieved a lost shuttlecock on his way back down.

His feat, part of the Brighton Science Festival Programme, used modified motors from the household appliances, which worked like giant suckerpads that allowed him to climb the wall with relative ease.

Mr Stansfield, who has a workshop in nearby Portslade where he creates his gadgets, completed his stunt without a safety helmet.

Full story: Jem Stansfield: ‘human spiderman’ scales 30 ft wall using only vacuum cleaner suctions – via Telegraph

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