Many men refuse condoms because of poor fit

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In some cases, size does matter:

According to a new study, men are twice as likely to remove a condom halfway through sex if the fit isn’t snug. Ill-fitting condoms not only make sex less fun, they also raise the risk of infection of diseases like AIDS and pregnancy, researchers say.

The full story’s at the New York Daily News, and while guys across America might be letting loose, it’s still a good idea to wrap it up. As if didn’t already need a reason, The Daily Caller’s collected eight of the best below.

1. Tools of the Trade

Rain or shine, this commercial makes condoms universal. Plus, this offers a new look at the role of an umbrella. Whoever noticed how long they were or the fact that they can just pop up with the click of a button? These condom makers did!

2. Perfect Translation

This Zazoo condom commercial is in another language but you can still easily get the point of the ad. Although we may not speak French, this ad shows that in any language, crying kids are always annoying.

3.  Too Hot for TV

Both Fox and CBS just couldn’t take the heat of this Trojan ad. Although some men can be called pigs, this commercial takes hogging to a new level (and no it’s not being a hog in the bedroom).

4. Friendly Fire

Sometimes you have to keep the cavalry in check. This creative ad cleverly depicts how using protection defends your partner from your own troops.

5. Mile-High Attractions

Spreading the love to places you wouldn’t quite expect, this condom wrapper has a mind of it’s own.  At least there were no children involved.

6. Friends with Benefits?

Common sense tells us that one must NEVER ask your date’s brother for condom advice. Lifestyles’s ad takes a look at one man’s cringe-worthy “man law” violation.

7. Racy Regrets

Woah baby! Although this video may look like another ad for Johnson & Johnson baby wash, this company makes sure to leave some viewers uneasy.

8. Animal Instincts

Durex might just be the only company we know of that can create such a scandalous ad out of seemingly innocent party favors. Warning: This commercial gives “doggy style” a whole new meaning.