Palin wants CNN to spill beans on Levi Johnston

AJ Contributor
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The Palin saga continues as it now appears that Levi Johnston might be fibbing about his yearly income in an effort to avoid shelling out dough to Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter.  TMZ reports:

The lawyer for Sarah Palin’s kid is scoffing at legal docs filed by Levi’s lawyer — docs claiming Levi made but a pittance over the last few years and should not have to pay $1,688.42 a month in child support – which is what Bristol wants.

Levi says the best he’s done in the income department so far is last year — claiming he made approximately $101,000. Apparently Palin’s not buying it, because her lawyer issued subpoenas today to CNN, Playgirl, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Star Magazine, and National Enquirer, asking for hard figures on how much they paid Levi.

Apparently, Levi Johnston also claimed that in 2008 he made less $10,000.  Unfortunately for Levi, Bristol Palin’s lawyers managed to get a hold of his ’08 pay stub which details over $18,500 in income.  How did they get ahold of that?  TMZ doesn’t say how they obtained it, but as a precaution we would advise any guys who think their pregnant girlfriend’s mother might run for president to keep better track of their paperwork if they insist on skipping out on child support.

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