Top performances of the Winter Olympics

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We’re nearly halfway through the 2010 Winter Olympics and we’ve seen some dazzling performances by Americans.

Below are my top 5:

See if you agree and tell me what you think.

5) Johnny Weir was spectacular in the men’s figure skating short program on Tuesday night and has an outside chance at gold tonight after the free-skating event. He’s currently in sixth, behind fellow American Evan Lysacek, who is second. But it seemed like Weir was underscored Tuesday – perhaps because he’s so flamboyant and outspoken (he angered animal activists this week by proclaiming he loves to wear “dead animals”).

Wearing a bizarre costume Tuesday that exposed his chest and featured black lace, a pink tassel and thick pink strings, Weir was flawless, smoothly landing graceful jumps and looking odd, but triumphant in the process.

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