‘Family Guy’ actress Andrea Fay Friedman defends Palin jab

Pat McMahon Contributor
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This past Sunday, the FOX animated comedy “Family Guy” took a swipe at former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her mentally handicapped son. A scene involved a character named Ellen, who was suffering from Down syndrome, making a remark about her mother being the former governor of Alaska. The actress who voiced the character on the show, also suffers from Down syndrome.

Andrea Fay Friedman came out saying that Sarah Palin did not have a sense of humor about the show. She was defending the remark after Palin said that the work was done by “cruel, cold-hearted people.” Despite the outrage many have had about “Family Guy,” Andrea Fay Friedman does not see things that way.

Full story: http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/18/family-guy-voice-actor-says-palin-does-not-have-a-sense-of-humor/