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Are you ready for the very first guest-post in DC Trawler history?

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Well, too bad, because here it is. The Trawler was originally envisioned as a group blog, but so far the group consists of just two people: Jim Treacher and Sean Medlock. And we’re getting pretty dang sick of each other.

Fortunately, I just got some help. My folks returned to Indianapolis yesterday after helping me through the events of the last few weeks, and my dad has some stuff to say about it. So here’s my old man. His friends call him Sweet Old Bob; you may call him Mr. Medlock. Take it away, Dad!

Back Home Again…

…in Indiana. Civilization. My wife Terry (@jtmom1) and I (@CvilleFlash) are finally back in Indianapolis after two glorious weeks in Washington, DC. Why did we make this sudden trip? Here’s a brief review:

We got a call at about 8:30 on the night of Wednesday, February 3. Our son Sean (AKA “Jim Treacher”) was in the emergency room at Georgetown University Hospital in DC. He had been hit by an SUV while crossing the street at 22nd & M St. The following Friday morning, Sean underwent extensive surgery to repair a shattered tibial plateau.

On Saturday, Terry and I packed up the van and headed for DC just after Blizzard #1 cleared Indianapolis. The roads weren’t too bad. After stopping overnight in Ohio, we got to Hagerstown, MD on Sunday morning. From there into NW DC, things got really stupid. The whole city was paralyzed. Terry and I lived in the Washington area when we first met, way back in 1965. We knew that DC is incapable of handling even two inches of snow. This was much, much worse.

Once we got to the hospital, Laura Baños, the Daily Caller’s office manager, met us in the hall outside Sean’s room. After a tearful reunion with Sean, we spent the next couple of hours with him. Then it was back into the snowstorm to check into our downtown hotel. As the sun set, we made a harrowing trip back to the hospital.

The next couple of days went by in a blur. Tuesday afternoon, we sprung Sean from the hospital just as Blizzard #2 arrived. The three of us then spent the next 10 days at the Embassy Suites. Maybe that sounds a little extravagant, but actually, we had no choice. The lease on Sean’s temporary studio apartment had run out, plus it wasn’t wheelchair-friendly. (Did I mention he’s getting around using a walker, crutches, and a shiny new wheelchair? Not all at once.) Sean had planned to put down a security deposit on a walk-down “English basement” apartment the very next day after he was hit, but that was also out of the question now.

Sean spent the first few days at the hotel looking for a new apartment online. He found a wheelchair-friendly place through Craigslist. By the following Saturday, the apartment was his. He ordered a bed and some furniture from Ikea for delivery on Wednesday, Feb. 17. Tuesday morning, I called Ikea to confirm delivery. They said that due to the recent two blizzards, delivery had been pushed back to the 18th… of MARCH!!! After half an hour on the phone, I finally managed to cancel the order. (ATTN Ikea management: Letter to follow.)

Wednesday morning, Terry and I went to the Ikea store in College Park. We bought the same stuff Sean had ordered online and loaded some of it into the van. Later that afternoon, two nice guys in a big white truck delivered the couch, chair, and bed. On Thursday, Laura and two intrepid Daily Caller interns (Joe and Paul) helped assemble everything. On Friday, we finally said farewell to the good folks at Embassy Suites and moved into Sean’s new apartment.

That first night in the new place went very well. Sean slept in his new bed, Terry was on the new couch, and I slept on a really comfortable air mattress from Rodman’s.

Although we were reluctant to leave, we took off Saturday afternoon, knowing Sean is in the good hands of all his new friends.

Speaking of new friends, let me recognize some special people. Everyone at Georgetown University Hospital was great. The nurses, doctors, and staff took good care of Sean, with warmth and humor. Some are even keeping track of Sean’s recovery through his blogging. The folks at the 22nd & M Embassy Suites were very helpful, and supported our lengthy and difficult stay with extraordinary hospitality and attention. Going forward, Sean will be visited twice a week by a nurse, Abdul (a cool guy from Sierra Leone), and Peter, a physical therapist.

I can’t say enough about the team at the Daily Caller: Tucker Carlson (who trudged a mile in the snow after Blizzard #2 to come see us); Neil Patel; Megan Mulligan; Laura Baños; Moira Bagley; AJ the night owl; the team of Alex, Aleks, & Alex; the enthusiastic interns; Charlie; and everyone else at the office. Without them, Sean would have been a ward of the state. And you know that just would not work.

Observation: Every person we met in Washington was great. Very warm and friendly. But DC reminds me of that old saying: “Two pounds of crap in a one-pound bag.” There’s nothing wrong with the crap. The crap is part of life. But there’s just too much of it squeezed into that city. Trying to get around town took 2-3 times longer than we’re used to. (Where was a Home Depot when we needed a shower grab bar and an inexpensive floor lamp?)

What contributes to this overconcentration of humanity? Could it be… BIG GOVERNMENT?

Jim Treacher