Coke use rampant at Obama White House – Peter Orszag discusses his addiction

AJ Contributor
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We’re referring to Diet Coke, of course.  What did you think we were talking about?  Mike Allen of the Politico interviewed White House Budget Director Peter Orszag on the health care bill but the interview went in a different direction when Allen brought up an addiction that seems to have snared more than one of President Obama’s top advisers.  Apparently, Orszag is worried about overdosing:

Allen: I understand you actually checked to be sure how many Diet Cokes one could safely drink.

Orszag: Well, not quite. There is some evidence that excessive caffeine consumption poses cardiovascular risk, but it is only the case in the presence of particular genetic markers. [Biologist] Craig Venter at a conference had pointed out that one of the commercial firms that does genetic testing screened for that marker. So it seemed like a good idea for me to do. If that test had come out the wrong way, you would not have wanted to be around me afterwards because to give up caffeine would have been very painful.

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