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Elsewhere at the Daily Caller, 2/23/10

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Remember when you were supposed to shut up about your opposition to Obama’s policies because of his high approval ratings? Well, now they have to come up with other reasons to tell you to shut up.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So now we have the proof we’ve been looking for all these years: Einstein was a racist.

Jim Inhofe: “They’ve been mocking me for years. Redemption is going to feel good.” He’s asking the Justice Department to investigate climate shaman scientist Michael E. Mann for his involvement in Climategate. And if you know what Climategate is, congratulations on freeing yourself from the major American networks and newspapers. Their heads are buried in the sand deeper than their ratings and circulation numbers.

“Anchorman” echoes my thoughts on the snow in DC and, more importantly, the local government’s response to it. Wait, did I just say “response”? Oh. Oh ho ho. Heh. Hee hee. Hee-hee-heeeee! HA HA HA HA HA! Ohhhhh, my goodness. Ahem. Yes, anyway, sounds like he and Mr. Medlock would have a lot to talk about.

Obama holding another summit is kind of like Nixon making you a mix tape. Whatever you think about the gesture and the intent behind it, the word itself is kind of insurmountable. Too many negative connotations. Oh well, it’s not like this administration places a lot of importance on branding.

And finally, this is a thing of beauty:

Don’t you love it when Keith puts on his Concerned Face?

He cares about what happens to all you racists! If you would just stop disagreeing with him, then he wouldn’t have to keep telling you things that aren’t true.

Jim Treacher