France moans over oral sex anti-smoking campaign [NSFW]

AJ Contributor
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France is taking anti-smoking campaigns to the next level. The sex level. They have produced new oral sex based ads, two of them at the left, designed to get the message across to teenagers that smoking is bad.

The Independent reports:

“A campaign to discourage young people from smoking shows male and female teenagers kneeling in front of a man, as if being forced to have oral sex. A cigarette takes the place of the man’s sexual organ. The caption reads: ‘Smoking is to be a slave to tobacco.'”

The debate, apparently fomented by the coupling of discontented feminists and pro-family organizers, is hardly the worst public interest campaign foisted on the sex addled French population.

What takes the cake is the gay version of an AIDS awareness commercial aired on French television. Warning, this isn’t exactly safe for work:

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