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In case you were under the impression that the health care "summit" might be a good idea…

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Jon “Mild-Mannered Reporter” Ward says:

In a sign that Thursday’s much-hyped health care summit at the White House would amount to nothing more than a partisan grudge match, the Obama administration and congressional Republicans spent the last hours before the meeting squabbling over how many members of the minority party had been invited.

We’re in good hands, everybody. They’re going to hammer out this whole deal just as soon as they figure out who does and who doesn’t get a “plus one.”

Could somebody remind me why this circus is happening in the first place? Nobody wants ObamaCare. The more he talks about it, the less popular he gets. The word “summit” itself has been debased by his clownish bumbling last summer. After more than a year in office, how is this guy still laboring under the misconception that we just can’t get enough of him?

Update: “This could end up being not good.” God watches over drunks and small children…

Update: Liveblog here.

Jim Treacher