The Tiger Woods scandal begs the question: Are you a sex addict?

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(CNN) — When Jack Rogers first heard media reports of Tiger Woods’ multiple extramarital affairs, the first thing he did was say a little prayer for Woods and his wife. The second thing he did was tally up the number of women who claimed to have had sex with the famous golfer.

“I said to myself, ‘My God, that’s some body count,'” Rogers remembers.

Jack Rogers — that’s not his real name — knows a little something about body count because he has one of his own: In the first 20 years of his marriage, he says, he slept with some 50 women. While some view Woods as just an unfaithful louse who was looking for a good time, Rogers sees him as a sex addict.

What’s the difference? Rogers, who works in the high-tech industry in Washington and has two children, says his whole life was geared around how he would have his next orgasm, in the same way a methamphetamine addict is constantly trying to find his next drug hit.

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